2023-24 Rayara Mutt Panchanga Kannada PDF Online Sobhakritu

Know the details about the 2023-24 Rayara Mutt Panchanga Kannada PDF Online Sobhakritu , Rayara Mutt Panchanga 2023-24 Kannada PDF Sobhakritu

Rayara mutt panchanga

The Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt was officially established by Sri Madhwacharya, the proponent of Dwaita Vedanta, with Sri Padmanabha Tirtha serving as its Prime Guru. This Mutt is descended from the Hamsa naamaka Paramaatma lineage. This is the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt’s official website in Mantralayam.The most well-known Panchanga in Kannada is Rayara Mutt Panchanga. The Rayara Mutt in Karnataka will each year release the Rayara Mutt Panchanga.

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The Rayara Mutt adherents will employ this Panchanga. The lineage (parampara) of Hamsa naamaka Paramaatma includes Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, who was ornamented in the early years of its history by a number of Tapaswis and Rishis. This Mutt was formally established by Sri Madhwacharya, the founder of Dwaita Vedanta, with Sri Padmanabha Tirtha serving as its Prime Guru. Regardless of what many other Mutts may claim, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt has been praised and hailed as the Main Mula Mutt in the Sri Madhwacharya lineage.

History in Brief

One of Acharya Madhva’s first disciples was Sri padmanAbha tIrtha. PadmanAbha tIrtha took over as the major maTha’s leader after the Acharya left (outside South Kanara District). Sri Narahari Thirtha, Sri Madhava Thirtha, Sri AkshObya Thirtha, Sri JayatIrtha (also known as tIkAkrutpAdaru), and Sri VidyAdhirAjaru succeeded him in turn. Following this, the lineage separated into two branches, one led by Sri kavIndra tIrtha and the other by Sri RAjendra tIrtha, as a result of circumstances beyond human control. Additionally known as pUrvAdi maTha, the latter (which is more popularly known today as Sri vyAsarAya maTha). Sri vAgIsha tIrtha and Sri rAmachandra tIrtha replaced Sri kavIndra tIrtha in the previous line. once more owing to uncontrollable conditions.

2023-24 Rayara Mutt Panchanga Kannada PDF Online Sobhakritu

Rayara Matha

Sri vibhudEndra tIrtha, a revered scholar and saint, worked arduously to spread the ideas of Acharya Madhva. LakshminArAyaNa muni was one of his many followers (more popularly known as Sri SrIpAdarAjA). Sri jItAmitra, Sri raghunandana, and Sri surEndra tIrtha came after Sri vibhudEndra tIrtha.While Sri VishNu tIrtha was being prepared to succeed Sri vyAsa tIrtha, one of his many renowned followers, destiny had other plans. After being given to Sri surEndra tIrtha, Sri VishNu tIrtha was renamed Sri vijayIndra tIrtha. He obtained a maTha in Kumbhakonam and several other possessions after defeating a notable Shaivite swAmiji. He published a large number of academic publications, overcame many academics from competing schools, and established Dvaita as a stronghold in the south. Sri sudhIndra tIrtha, who was in turn followed by Sri Raghavendra tIrtha, came after him (Rayaru). The maTha’s name changed from RAyaru to rAghavEndra or rAyara maTha after that tirtha.

Prominent information

Kadamba’s king, Mayuravarma, provided security for 60 brahmin families. They belonged to 14 gotras, with Gautama being the most well-known. They eventually relocated to the Vijayanagar empire. Sri Krishna Bhatta was one of the important academics in this. King Krishnadevaraya received veena instruction from him, and the court praised him for his musical prowess and erudition. Sri KanakAchal bhatta, his son, continued his father’s legacy. Shri Thimanna Bhatta was his son. Many academics who relied on royal support had been affected by the demise of the Vijayanagar empire by this point. The majority of them relocated south with their families, seeking safety with southern chieftains and kings.  

The couple travelled to Tirupati without any children in order to devotely do seva to the Lord. They were fortunate to have a boy and a daughter in due time. GururAja and Venkamma were their given names. The family made its home in Kaveripatnam, where the Tanjore chieftain was in charge. After a while, they returned to Tirupati and gave the Lord their complete devotion while engaging in highly demanding seva. In their dream, the Lord made a promise to them that they would have a boy who would have a very great soul and achieve the heights of fame. The pair was overjoyed. A third son was born to this couple in 1595. His given name was VenkaTanAtha.

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The Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya’s seat, Shri Uttaradi Math, offers yearly Panchangam in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Sanskrit. The Uttaradi Mutt has made available the Panchanga for the years 2023–2024 in pdf form (Shubhakruth Nama Samvatsara 1944). People seeking these Panchangas come from all over the world. They are available for free download in pdf format.The Sringeri Sharada Peetham Panchangam contains daily panchanga information, Upanayana dates, Gruhapravesha dates, Surya grahana dates 2023–2024, Chandra Grahana dates 2023–2024, prominent Kannada festivals, holidays, auspicious days, Kannada Hindu wedding dates, or marriage shubh muhuratas.

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