2023-24 TTD Tirumala Tamil Panchangam Calendar PDF Online

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When determining the muhurtham, or auspicious time, to perform a specific deed as well as when not to, the Gantala Panchangam is the most useful. The gantala Panchangam is also used to decide the dates of weddings and other significant events, including festivals and other gatherings. The name of a Hindu calendar is Panchangam. It provides a list of significant dates and methods for calculating them using traditional Hindu time measurement units. Although it can also be spelled Pancanga, Panchanga, and Panchangam, Panchangam is the most frequent spelling. When doing Indian astrology, Panchangas are consulted.A Panchangam is a book that recounts the orbital cycles of the planets. Numerous people refer to it as an astronomical text. When there were no modern technologies accessible, the Panchangam claims that Maharishi made accurate predictions of a range of phenomena, including solar and lunar eclipses.

2023-24 TTD Tirumala Tamil Panchangam Calendar PDF Online

Most of the people who reside in telugu-speaking regions follow the New Panchangam starting with that particular year’s Ugadhi. Ugadi is frequently seen by Telugu people as the start of the new year. The conclusion of the Telugu year will be taken as the start of the next Ugadhi. Each year will have 64 names, one for that particular year.

Each year, a large number of publishers release The Panchangam. Based on personal tastes, the majority of people will follow different Panchangam. TTD also makes panchangams available to pilgrims from all Indian states by publishing them in a variety of languages.

TTD Tirumala Panchangam Calendar 2023-24 Tamil PDF

The Panchangam and Calendar are made available  by the Tirumala Temple Development, the organization in charge of running the temple. The TTD publishes the calendar and Panchangam in a variety of languages.The Tamil version of the calendar and Panchangam are  also available for the year 2023-2024. Anyone interested in purchasing the calendar or Panchangam can do so online or at a TTD Publication house. The TTD official website will offer both the calendar and the Panchangam for online purchasing. Like when people shop online for goods, they can simply book the calendar in Tamil online. The TTD will deliver the printed calendar and Panchangam to the specified address after the order has been placed.

The period from 2023 to 2024 is known as the Sobhakritu Nama Samvatsara. This implies that the provided name represents the year’s designation. In honor of Lord Narada’s offspring, the year shall be given their names. These names have appeared 64 times throughout history. The names of the years will therefore be repeated every 64 years. In addition to details about an individual’s astrological horoscope, the Panchangam will also contain a wide range of other spiritual and religious prognoses. When the Ugadi festival begins, people will either listen to or read the Panchangam that has been prepared for the following year. The year will be given a new name and a new Panchangam each and every year.

Click here to download TTD Tirumala Panchangam for the year 2022-2023

Purchasing TTD Tirumala Panchangam Tamil Calendar 2023-24:

Customers can purchase the Panchangam for the Sobhakritu year from a large variety of publications. The names of a few publishers and pandits will be printed on the Panchangam before it is circulated.There are three ways for people to obtain a copy of the Panchangma:

  • The majority of online book retailers like Amazon and other websites will sell the hard copy of TTD Tirumala Panchangam.
  • The TTD Tirumala Panchangam will be available with them in the majority of bookshops or publishing houses in the market..
  • Although some third-party websites may provide a pdf version of the Panchangam which is not the official edition. Therefore, it is advised to purchase the hard copy both online and offline.
  • After entering the official website of TTD, Scroll through Publications
  • Then click on Diaries/ Calendars/ Panchangam
  • Enter login details and Click on publications and agree to the terms and conditions to proceed further
  • Select the country and the desired product, quantity and  language.
  • Click on Proceed, fill in the required details and make the payment to confirm the order.


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