2023 Bhadrachalam Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking

Know the details about the 2023 Bhadrachalam Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking, 2023 Bhadrachalam Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking 

Bhadrachalam is a pilgrimage Temple Badradri-Kothagudem district. The town is well-known for its Lord Sri Rama temple. Every year on Sri Rama Navami, Lord Rama and Sita Nitya Kalyanam/ Sitarama Kalyanam takes place, and on that day, Mutyala Talambralu is distributed to those who attended the wedding.

People believe that getting this Talambralu is lucky, especially for newlyweds and other devotees. The Bhadrachalam temple authorities intend to send the Talambralu to the people who have requested it.

In the 17th century BC, the Lord Sri Rama temple was built. According to legend, Bhadrachalam was once a part of the Dandakaranya forest, where Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxmana lived during their exile, and was known as Vanavasam. There is a Parnasala in the jungle, 32 kilometres from where Lord Rama built a home for himself and Sita.

2023 Bhadrachalam Muthyala Talambralu Online Booking

Talambralu Mutyala

Sri Sitharama Kalyanam will take place in Bhadrachalam on the festival day of Sri Rama Navami. Sitarama Kalyanam, a yearly celestial wedding event, attracts devotees from all over the world.

Where can I find Mutyala Talambralu in Bhadrachalam?

  • Devotees can obtain Mutyala Thalambralu both online and through Mee Seva centres. The Sitaramachandra Swamy Temple Bhadrachalam Devasthanam also opted to pack and ship. Devotees must go to their nearest Mee Seva centre, pay Rs 30, and use the Mutyala Talambralu service.
  • This service is available in Sitarama Kalyanam for one day. Devasthanam residents will mail the Mutyala Thalambralu to the specified address.
  • Devotees can also obtain Mutyala Thalambralu through the internet. People must download the T Appfolio app and pay Rs 30 online.
  • People can also spend Rs 180 for an Archana Pooja to receive prasadam and a package of Talambralu with two mutyalu.

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 How to Make an Online Reservation for Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami Kalayana Talambralu

 To use the service, first go to the Telangana Postal Circle E-Shop website at eshop.tsposts.in. First, you must register for the website using the offered facility.

This necessitates the provision of the following data:

  •   First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Cell Phone Number, Gender, Password, and Confirm Password
  •   Then enter Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami Talambralu’s Shipping Address. This comprises Name House/Apartment Number Street Name Colony/Locality Area Country Mobile Number
  •   Once the Profile has been created, you will be prompted to log in with the necessary information, such as your Email Address and Password. Then follow the steps below.
  •   After logging into the website, you will be able to examine a list of the many products offered by the postal circle.
  •   Here, select the Bhadrachalam Sri Rama Navami Talambralu Product.
  •   You will be taken to a page where you can make an online reservation for Bhadrachalam Kalyanam Talambralu.
  •   Enter Your Name, Gothram, and Family Member Information Now.
  •   Then select the required quantity and add the product to the cart.
  •   You must pay the sum based on the quantity ordered.
  •   Complete the Payment Amount Using the provided payment gateway.

Officials at the Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Devastanam in Bhadrachalam have decided to mail a Muthyala Talambralu parcel depicting Lord Rama and Sitadevi Kalyanam. Devotees can use this service by paying Rs 30 using the T App Folio app or at Mee Seva centres. This service will be provided until the day before the kalyanam.

In addition, for Rs 180, one can perform the archana pooja in the temple and receive prasadam as well as a package of Talambralu with two Muthyalu. Prasadam, panche, kanduva, a saree, a jacket, a packet of Talambralu with 3 Muthyalu, and the pooja will be performed in nithya kalyanam with their gotra namas are all available for Rs 1,116.

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