2023 Holika Dahan Date India Calendar Timings Pooja Process

Know the details about the 2023 Holika Dahan Date India Calendar Timings Pooja Process, 2023 Holika Dahan Date India, 2023 Holika Dahan Date India

Holika Dahan is a Hindu holiday that honours the story of how an asuri named Holika was burned on a pyre and how her nephew Prahlada was saved. It happens before Holi, the festival of colours, which is a celebration of good winning over evil.

This day is called Kama Dahanam in South India, and it has to do with the story of Shiva burning Kamadeva to ashes with his third eye. On this day, people in rural Tamil Nadu act out plays about Kamadeva and burn effigies of him.

2023 Holika Dahan Date India Calendar Timings Pooja Process

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2023 Holika Dahan Date and Timings:

  • The 7th of March will be Holika Dahan in 2023. 
  • Holika Dahan Muhurat: March 7 from 6:24 PM to 8:51 PM
  • Bhadra Punchha: March 7 from 12:43 AM to 2:01 AM 
  • Bhadra Mukha: March 7 from 2:01 AM to 4:11 AM

Puja Samagri for 2023 Holika Dahan:

For Puja, you should use the following Samagri, or items: one bowl of water, beads made of cow dung, Roli, unbroken rice (called Akshat in Sanskrit), flowers, raw cotton thread, pieces of turmeric, unbroken Moong lentils, Batasha, Gulal powder, and coconut. Also, the Puja items can include fully grown grains of crops like wheat and gramme that have just been grown.

Holika Sthapana:

Holika is kept in a place that is cleaned with cow dung and holy Ganges water. In the middle is a wooden pole that is surrounded by cow dung toys made into beads or garlands. These toys are called Gulari, Bharbholiye, or Badkula. On top of the pile are Holika and Prahlada idols, which are usually made of cow dung. Holika pile is decorated with cow dung toys like shields, swords, the sun, the moon, and stars.

During Holika Dahan, idol of Prahlada is taken out. Also, before the bonfire, four beads of cow dung are kept safe. In the name of the ancestors, one is kept safe, in the name of God Hanuman, in the name of Goddess Sheetala, and in the name of the family, the fourth.

2023 Holika Dahan Pooja Process:

  1. Put all of the Puja items on a plate. Add a small pot of water to the Puja Thali. Sit down on the Puja spot so that you are facing either the East or the North. Then, sprinkle some water on the Puja Thali and yourself as you say the following mantra three times.
  2. Now, put the water, rice, flower, and some money in your right hand and take Sankalp.
  3. Now, think of Lord Ganesha after you’ve put the flower and rice in your right hand.
  4. After you pray to Lord Ganesha, you should think of Goddess Ambika and chant the following Mantra. During the below Mantra, put Roli and rice on a flower and offer it to Goddess Ambika along with a fragrant oil.
  5. Now, say the following Mantra to remember Lord Narasimha. While you say the following mantra, put Roli and rice on a flower and offer it to Lord Narasimha with a fragrance.
  6. Now, think of the devotee Prahlada and repeat the following mantra. While saying the following mantra, put Roli and rice on a flower and give it to Prahlada with a fragrance.
  7. Now, stand in front of Holi with your hands folded and chant the following mantra to ask for your wishes to come true.
  8. Give rice, scents, flowers, and something that can’t be broken. Holika was given moong lentils, pieces of turmeric, a coconut, and Bharbholiye, which is a garland made of dried cow dung. It is also called Gulari and Badkula. 
  9. When walking around the Holika, three, five, or seven loops of raw yarn are tied around it. Then, dump the water out of the pot in front of Holika pile.
  10. After that, Holika is burned. Holika is usually burned at home with the fire from the public fire. After that, all men put on the lucky Roli mark and get blessings from older people. People walk all the way around Holika and put new crops on the fire to roast. As Holika Prasad, the roasted grains are given out.

The next morning, on the day of wet Holi, the ash from the bonfire is collected and put on the body. People think the ash is holy, and they think that putting it on their bodies and souls makes them clean. Astrologers recommend many cures that use the ash from a bonfire.

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