2023 Karthika Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi

Know the details about the 2023 Karthika Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi, Karthika Masam Important Days In Telugu 2023 Listed.

Karthika Somavaram

Karthika Masam, also known as Damodara Masa, Karthigai, Kartika, and Karthikam, is considered to be one of the most auspicious months in Hinduism. This month is also known by a number of other names. This month is considered to be very fortunate for those who worship either Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

During the month of Kartik, some ceremonies including the practice of fasting are practiced on Mondays. In most traditions, the day of the week designated for worshipping Lord Shiva is Monday.

Lord Shiva followers have the belief that Mondays during Sravana Masam and Kartika Masam, in particular, are the most fortunate days of the week. Someshwara, one of the many names of Lord Shiva, is whence the day we now call Monday, Somavaram, got its name It is thought that the moon performed the Somavara Vratam in order to free itself from the yoke placed on it by Daksha, as well as to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and a place in his matted hair.

2023 Karthika Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi

  • Karthika Masam starts on Tuesday, November 14 & finishes on Tuesday, December 12.
  • The Kartik Mahina for the year 2023 begins on a Sunday the 29th of October and continues through the Monday the 27th of November.

The Importance And Significance Of The Month Of Kartik

The lunar calendar has been separated into its upper and lower halves. Dakshinayana and Uttararyana. Karthika Masam comes under Dakshinayana. Dakshinayana is the path that leads to purification, whereas Uttarayana is the one that leads to enlightenment.

A path that leads to enlightenment and salvation is referred to as a sadhana. Karthika Masam, one of the months that make up Dakshinayana, is the one that is most conducive to spiritual practice. As a result, the month of Karthika Masam is considered to be one of the most fortunate months of the lunar calendar.

Both the Padma Purana and the Skanda Purana state that the month of Kartik is blessed with the ability to bestow four distinct sorts of blessings: religious, economic, a happy married life, and enlightenment.

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Karthika Somavaram Dates

  • In the year 2023 of the Karthika calendar, there are a total of four Mondays (Karthika Somavara).
  • 20th November 27th November 4th December 11th December Rituals in Kartik Maas Lighting a Lamp 20th November 27th November 20th November
  • During the month of Kartik, diyas are lighted and put at the front door of the home as well as in front of the Tulasi plant. This is done just before the sun rises and just before it sets.

Kartik Snan, Often Referred To As Bathing In The River

During the month of Karthika, one must also take a dip in a river as part of a significant ceremony. During the rainy seasons of Shravana Masam and Bhadrapada Masam, the rivers have been replenished with new water.

Bathing in rivers during the months of Shravana and Bhadrapada is not permitted since the rivers often overflow their banks and become very turbulent during these months. By the time Karthika Masam begins, the river has reached its final equilibrium.

Taking a Trip to the Shiva Temples

Special Pujas And Rituals Are Performed Throughout The Month In Shiva Temples.

  • During the course of the month, the Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is visited by more than two million worshippers.
  • During the Karthika Masam, the Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple in Vemulawada, which is located in the state of Telangana, sees more than a million pilgrims.
  • During the course of the month, devotees go to five different Shiva temples as part of the Pancharamalu or Pancharama Kshetralu ritual.
  • The Damodarastakam is a prayer that is sung throughout the month and is considered to be an important prayer.

This is the complete details about the 2023 Karthika Masam Telugu Calendar Start End Dates Tithi.

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