2023 Madurai Chithirai Thiruvizha Dates Festival Schedule Timings

Know the details about the 2023 Madurai Chithirai Thiruvizha Dates Festival Schedule Timings, One Vishnu temple with Lord Alagar as its patron is situated 21 kilometers north of Madurai.

On a hill with beautiful views, the temple is located. The shrine’s name is Alagarkoil, and Solaimalai is the name of the hill. The temple is worth visiting because it contains some beautiful carvings. One of Lord Subramaniya’s six abodes, Palamudirsolai, can be found atop the Hill.

An annual Tamil Hindu festival called Chithirai Festival, also known as Chithirai Thiruvizha, Meenakshi Kalyanam, or Meenakshi Thirukalyanam, takes place in the city of Madurai in the month of April. The festival is connected to the Meenakshi Temple, which is devoted to the goddess Meenakshi, a form of Parvati, and her husband Sundareshwar, a form of Shiva. It is observed during the Tamil month of Chithirai.

2023 Madurai Chithirai Thiruvizha Dates Festival Schedule Timings

One month is dedicated to the celebration. The first 15 days are dedicated to commemorating Meenakshi’s coronation as Madurai’s divine monarch and her marriage to Sundareshwar. Celebrations of the voyage of Kallalagar or Alagar (a form of the god Vishnu) from his temple in Alagar Koyil to Madurai take place over the course of the next 15 days.

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Madurai Chithirai Thiruvizha 2023 Dates and Timings:  

1st Day05 April TuesdayMorning10:30 AM – 11:30 AMKodiyetram  (Flag Hoisting)
Evening7:00 PMKarpaga Vriksha, Simha Vahanam
2nd Day06 April WednesdayMorning8:00 AM – 9:30 AMThanga Sapparam
Evening7:00 PMBootha, Anna Vahanam
3rd Day07 April ThursdayMorning8:00 AM – 9:30 AMThanga Sapparam
Evening7:00 PMKailasa Parvadham, Kamadhenu Vahanam
4th Day08 April FridayMorning9:00 AMThanga Pallakku
Evening6:00 PMThanga Pallakku
5th Day09 April SaturdayMorning9:00 AMThanga Sapparam
Evening7:00 PMThanga Kuthirai Vahanam
6th Day10 AprilSundayMorning8:00 AMThanga Sapparam
Evening7:30 PMSaiva Samaya Sthabitha Varalatru Leelai – Rishaba Vahanam 
7th Day11 AprilMondayMorning8:00 AMThanga Sapparam
Evening7:00 PMNantheekeshwarar, Yaali Vahanam
8th Day12 April TuesdayMorning Sree Meenakshi Pattabhishekam
Evening9:00 PMVelli Simhasana (Kaibaram)
9th Day13 April WednesdayEvening6:00 PMSree Meenakshi Digvijayam – Indira Vimanam
10th Day14 April ThursdayMorning10:35 AM – 10:59 AMSree Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Thirukalyanam
Evening7:30 PMYaanai Vahanam, Pushpa Pallakku 
11th Day15 April FridayMorning6:30 AMThiru Therottam –  (Ratha Utsavam, Vadam Pidithal)
Evening7:00 PMSapthavarna Chapram
12th Day16 April Saturday  Sri Kallazhagar Vaigai Aatril Ezhuntharural

1000 Ponsaprathudan – Night Saithyobacharam at Vandiyur

13th Day17 AprilSunday  Thirumalirunsolai Sri Kal Azhagar – Vandiyur Thenur Mandapam – Sesha Vahanam in Morning – Garuda Vahanam in the Afternoon – Moksham for Manduga Maharishi – Dasavathara Katchi at Ramarayar Mandapam at Night
14th Day18 AprilMonday  Morning Mohanaavatharam – Night Kallazhagar Thirukollam in Pushpa Pallakku at Mysore Mandapam
15th Day19 AprilTuesday  Sri Kal Azhagar Thirumalai Eluntharural



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