2023 Masa Sivaratri Dates Every Month Pooja Masika Timings

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According to the Hindu calendar, the fourteenth day of every month during Krishna Paksha (waning phase of the moon) is dedicated to Lord Shiva devotion, and the event is known as Masik Shivaratri. Masik means monthly in Hindi, and it is observed on the above-mentioned date every month. Lord Shiva originally appeared as a Linga in the months of Phalguna and Magha (according to the Purnimanta calendar) (according to the Amanta calendar). The day remains the same, but the names of the months alter. And this day is called as Maha Shivarathri. On this day, some believe, Shiva married Parvati.

2023 Masa Sivaratri Dates Every Month Pooja Masika Timings

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Regardless, Masik Shivratri is a day dedicated to Lord Shiva and his great might. His devotees fast and visit temples to pay their respects to the Lord. On this day, Lord Shiva, according to legend, performed the cosmic dance, the Tandava. Shiva is a member of the Hindu trinity and is responsible for constructive destruction, while Vishnu is the preserver and Brahma is the creator. On this day, some worshippers worship Lord Shiva in his Nataraja form.

2023 Masa Sivaratri Dates Every Month and Pooja Masika Timings:

Masa Sivarathri dates 2023SivarathriTimingsDuration
January 20, 2023, FridayMasik Shivaratri11:58 PM to 12:48 AM, Jan 2100 Hours 50 Mins
February 18, 2023, SaturdayMaha Shivaratri, Masik Shivaratri12:02 AM to 12:51 AM, Feb 1900 Hours 49 Mins
March 20, 2023, MondayMasik Shivaratri11:56 PM to 12:43 AM, Mar 2100 Hours 48 Mins
April 18, 2023, TuesdayMasik Shivaratri11:48 PM to 12:35 AM, Apr 1900 Hours 46 Mins
May 17, 2023, WednesdayMasik Shivaratri11:46 PM to 12:31 AM, May 1800 Hours 45 Mins
June 16, 2023, FridayMasik Shivaratri11:51 PM to 12:35 AM, Jun 1700 Hours 44 Mins
July 15, 2023, SaturdaySawan Shivaratri, Masik Shivaratri11:56 PM to 12:41 AM, Jul 1600 Hours 45 Mins
August 14, 2023, MondayAdhika Masik Shivaratri11:54 PM to 12:40 AM, Aug 1500 Hours 46 Mins
September 13, 2023, WednesdayMasik Shivaratri11:45 PM to 12:32 AM, Sep 1400 Hours 47 Mins
October 12, 2023, ThursdayMasik Shivaratri11:35 PM to 12:23 AM, Oct 1300 Hours 49 Mins
November 11, 2023, SaturdayMasik Shivaratri11:31 PM to 12:21 AM, Nov 1200 Hours 50 Mins
December 11, 2023, MondayMasik Shivaratri11:40 PM to 12:31 AM, Dec 1200 Hours 51 Mins

Because Shiva is the ultimate God, his devotees worship him in order to keep the world safe from evil and bad forces. Devotees also pray to him in order to achieve salvation, or Moksha. A person cannot acquire calm unless he or she eliminates the vices within. And tranquilly is required for achieving Moksha, or eternal bliss.

Devotees begin following Vrata with Maha Shivratri and fast on this day every month. The puja is performed at Nishita Kaal, which means midnight. People bathe before performing puja and chan shlokas dedicated to Lord Shiva, while unmarried ladies fast in order to find a mate of their choice. In addition to Datura flowers and Vilva leaves, devotees bring milk and water to the Shiva Linga for Abhisheka.

2023 Masa Sivaratri Pooja vidhi:

The Shivaratri fast is observed by the majority of Lord Shiva worshipers. Unmarried women fast on this day in the hopes of marrying soon. Married ladies keep the fast to maintain marital peace and harmony. They also wish their husbands a long life.

Devotees wake up early on Masik Shivaratri to visit a temple, light a lamp, and present fresh fruits, flowers, and sweets to Lord Shiva. Those who are fasting may break it only in the evening after the puja has been completed. Devotees break their fast with fruits, dried fruits, and milk products.

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