2023 Sani Pradosham Dates Pooja Kalam Timings Procedure

Know the details about the 2023 Sani Pradosham Dates Pooja Kalam Timings Procedure, 2023 Sani Pradosham Dates

Pradosham’s importance:

Pra means remover and Dosham represents unfavourable circumstances or Karma in Sanskrit. Pradosham, as the name suggests, is the day when Lord Shiva will erase all of your karma and sins and grant all of your requests. The best moment to begin a serious meditation for the Supreme Lord Shiva is when the sun begins to set on the horizon because it relaxes the mind.

Pradosham is observed between 4.30 and 6 o’clock in the afternoon. Every day at this time period, the lower energy level Pradoshams take place. Pradoshams with a medium level of energy take place twice a month on the 13th lunar phase following a New Moon and a Full Moon. Pradosham has a higher energy level when one of the 13th moon phases falls on a Saturday.

2023 Sani Pradosham Dates Pooja Kalam Timings Procedure

Pradosh VratDateTime
Budha Pradosh VratJanuary 4, 2023, Wednesday05:37 PM to 08:21 PM
Guru Pradosh VratJanuary 19, 2023, Thursday05:49 PM to 08:30 PM
Guru Pradosh VratFebruary 2, 2023, Thursday06:01 PM to 08:38 PM
Shani Pradosh VratFebruary 18, 2023, Saturday06:13 PM to 08:02 PM
Shani Pradosh VratMarch 4, 2023, Saturday06:23 PM to 08:51 PM
Ravi Pradosh VratMarch 19, 2023, Sunday06:31 PM to 08:54 PM
Soma Pradosh VratApril 3, 2023, Monday06:40 PM to 08:58 PM
Soma Pradosh VratApril 17, 2023, Monday06:48 PM to 09:01 PM
Budha Pradosh VratMay 3, 2023, Wednesday06:57 PM to 09:06 PM
Budha Pradosh VratMay 17, 2023, Wednesday07:06 PM to 09:10 PM
Guru Pradosh VratJune 1, 2023, Thursday07:14 PM to 09:16 PM
Guru Pradosh VratJune 15, 2023, Thursday07:20 PM to 09:21 PM
Shani Pradosh VratJuly 1, 2023, Saturday07:23 PM to 09:24 PM
Shukra Pradosh VratJuly 14, 2023, Friday07:21 PM to 09:24 PM
Ravi Pradosh VratJuly 30, 2023, Sunday07:14 PM to 09:19 PM
Ravi Pradosh VratAugust 13, 2023, Sunday07:03 PM to 09:12 PM
Soma Pradosh VratAugust 28, 2023, Monday06:48 PM to 09:02 PM
Bhauma Pradosh VratSeptember 12, 2023, Tuesday06:30 PM to 08:49 PM
Budha Pradosh VratSeptember 27, 2023, Wednesday06:12 PM to 08:36 PM
Budha Pradosh VratOctober 11, 2023, Wednesday05:56 PM to 08:25 PM
Guru Pradosh VratOctober 26, 2023, Thursday05:41 PM to 08:15 PM
Shukra Pradosh VratNovember 10, 2023, Friday05:30 PM to 08:08 PM
Shukra Pradosh VratNovember 24, 2023, Friday07:06 PM to 08:06 PM
Ravi Pradosh VratDecember 10, 2023, Sunday05:25 PM to 08:08 PM
Ravi Pradosh VratDecember 24, 2023, Sunday05:30 PM to 08:14 PM

All Shiva temples perform Pradosham Poojas along with a unique Abishekam (hydration Pooja) using a variety of objects. When offered to Lord Shiva for adoration and bathing, each Abishekam item has a distinct benefit. Typically, the ingredients are rice powder, panchamirtham, turmeric, sandalwood, honey, milk, honey, and ghee (a mixture of 5 items). Following the evening Pooja, the devotees are given Prasad (offering), which is eaten to end the fast (fasting).

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Shani Pradosh Vidhi:

The Vidhi of Shani Pradosh Vrat is very strong. You must put on something white after taking a bath after the Sun has set and after a full day of fasting.

  1. Create a dais while facing north-east and place some Gangajal or clean water in a remote area. Use five different colours to create a lotus flower, some leaves, and grasses. Start chanting and meditating in the name of Lord Shiva after laying out a mat made of Kush grass.
  2. Continue saying “Om Namah Shivay.”
  3. Perform Ganesh Puja the day before and keep vigil that entire night by singing devotional songs.
  4. After the Pooja is complete, you must perform a Hawan by presenting ghee and other sacrifices to the sacred Fire.
  5. After the Hawan, you might offer an Arti in honour of Lord Shiva.
  6. Perform a Shanti Path at the conclusion and offer a prayer for the family’s well-being and peace.
  7. Finally, feed the Brahmins and, as you are able, make some offerings to them in exchange for their blessings.
  8. Depending on what’s on your mind, you can choose which one to keep. People frequently observe the Pradosh Vrat to please the Gods and the planets in exchange for a specific advantage they hope to receive from the deities.

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