2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Dates Timings Booking

Know the latest details about the 2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Dates Timings Booking, 2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Dates

Thiruvalangadu temple:

The temple, built by the Cholas during the 12th century CE (though inscriptions date from the 5th century CE), is considered a revered Shaivaite temple since it is one of Lord Shiva’s five grand cosmic dance halls (pancha sabhai), known as “Ratna Sabai.” Chidambaram Nataraja Temple – Kanaka Sabhai, Meenakshi Amman Temple (Madurai – Rajatha Sabhai), Coutrallam Thirukutralam – Chitra Sabha, and Nellaiappar Temple are the other four “Sabais” (Tirunelveli – Thamira Sabhai). According to legend, as the Lord was enthralled in a deep cosmic dance, the diamonds from his anklets dropped into the earth and were spread in five locations, one of which was Thiruvalangadu. The site is one of 275 revered Shaivaite sites in Tennessee (“Padal Petra Stalam”)

2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Dates Timings Booking

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The temple is famous not just for its architectural splendour, but also for the stories surrounding Mallikarjuna. The Sanctum’s major deity is known as “Vadaranyeswarar,” while the Lord’s spouse is known as “Vandarkuzhali Amman.” The sthala Vriksham is a big banyan tree located to the north east of the sanctum. Lord Shiva asked the legendary Karaikkal Ammeiyar (Peyar) to walk a marathon to Mount Kailash on her head and be an omnipresent witness to his cosmic dance in this temple.

2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan:

The Thiruvalangadu temple is also the greatest place to celebrate Arudra Darshan. Thiruvalangadu is close to Tiruttani. Thiruvalangadu is easily accessible by road from Chennai. Pilgrims who wish to participate in the Arudra Darshan in Thiruvalangadu can do so by visiting the temple during the pooja. The Arudra Darshan will be celebrated in great style at the Thiruvalangadu temple. Pilgrims who desire to see the Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan in the year 2023 can go right to the temple and join the queue. Along with the Arudra Darshan, the temple will offer free darshan to pilgrims. The temple will make adequate preparations for the Arudra Darshan day.

2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Dates and Timings:

  • Arudra Darshanam is scheduled for January 6th, 2023.
  • Beginning at 9:26 p.m. on January 5, 2023, the recitation of Thiruvathirai Nakshathram will begin.
  • Thiruvathirai Nakshathram will come to an end on January 7, 2023, at 12:14 a.m.
  • The Arudra Darshanam event will take place on December 27th, 2023.
  • Thiruvathirai Nakshathram will begin at 10:21 p.m. on December 26, 2023.
  • Thiruvathirai Nakshathram will come to an end on December 27, 2023, at 11:29 p.m.

Arudra Darisanam’s mythology:

Lord Vishnu was deep in concentration as he sat in his snake lounge chair. Adisesha (the five-headed serpent on which Vishnu leans) inquired of the Lord about his thoughts. The Lord replied that he admired Lord Shiva’s graceful motions as he danced around the cosmos. Adisesha then asked if he may see the dance as well. Vishnu told him to undergo penance in order to achieve this. Adisesha meditated for a long period before seeing the Natraja at Chidambaram alongside the sages Vyagrapada and Patanjali.

2023 Thiruvalangadu Arudra Darshan Booking:

Darshan Arudra In Thiruvalangadu, reservations are not available. Darshan is available to devotees at the shrine.

Arudra Darisanam rituals include:

Devotees begin the day by bathing and cleansing themselves before visiting a Shiva temple and performing Abhishekam (hydration pooja). Devotees keep a severe fast, which is broken after the puja. They eat a special cuisine called ‘Kali,’ which is considered to cure all ailments. It is extremely auspicious to visit the Nataraja temple in Chidambaram.

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