2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF Ugadi Panchangam Online

Know the details about the 2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF Ugadi Panchangam Online. 2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF, 2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu 

Ugadi or Yugadi, also known as Samvatsardi, is the Hindu New Year’s Day and is celebrated in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. It is celebrated in these regions on the first day of Chaitra, the first month of the Hindu lunisolar calendar. This normally occurs during the month of April on the Gregorian calendar. It can also occur in the Tamil months of Panguni or Chithrai, occasionally on the day following Amavasya with the 27th Nakshatra Revati. Ugadi is celebrated on the first New Moon following the March equinox.

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2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF Ugadi Panchangam Online

Click here for 2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF Ugadi Panchangam Online

The day is celebrated by drawing colourful patterns on the floor called Muggulu, decorating doors with mango leaves called torana, exchanging gifts such as new clothing, donating to the poor, receiving oil massages followed by special baths, preparing and sharing a special dish called pachadi, and visiting Hindu temples. The pachadi is a noteworthy celebratory dish that blends all flavours — sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and spicy. In Telugu and Kannada Hindu traditions, it serves as a symbolic reminder to anticipate and make the most of diverse experiences in the next year. Followers of the Souramana calendar system celebrate Ugadi in Karnataka when the sun transits into the Aries constellation. This event is also known as Mesha Sankranti or Souramana Ugadi.

Telugu Rasi Phalalu:

Rasi Phalalu refers to the zodiac signs’ astrology. The Telugu people will observe the Rasi Phalalu according to the Panchangam for that year. For each year, a new panchangam will be created. Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year for the Telugu people. With the celebration of Ugadi, the old year will end and the New Year will begin. For this reason, the festival is called Ugadi. For the Telugu people, a New Panchangam will be published annually, and the people will follow it. In addition, according to Telugu traditions, each year will have a new name.

The Rasi Phalalu will be determined by astrological indications. On the basis of factors such as Aadayam Vyayam, Avamanam, and Rajapoojyam, the Rasi Phalalu will be determined. Below are the specifics of the Rasi Phalalu for 2023, also known as the Sobhakritu year.

2023 to 2024 Telugu Rasi Phalalu PDF Online:

  • There are numerous varieties of Panchangam that people might adhere to. Many copies of the Panchangam will be available for purchase at bookstores. 
  • The same can be purchased by pilgrims.
  • Some panchangam is available for download in PDF format. The PDF for digital use can be located, and the Rasi Phalalu can be read.
  • In addition, the Rasi Phalalu in the panchangam represents the annual change. The Rasi Phalalu can also be calculated daily and monthly for zodiac signs.
  • For some zodiac signs, the Rasi Phalalu will be favorable, while for others, it will be unfavorable. 
  • The populace may select the panchangam that is most convenient for them.

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