2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online

Know the latest details about the 2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online, 2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu 


Many writers, organisations, academies, and universities in India print panchngams. For a casual or untrained reader, the differences between publications are minimal. They predict more commonplace events as well as celestial phenomena like solar eclipses and weather (rain, dry spells).

Understanding Rasi phala, or how the signs of the zodiac affect a particular person, is a key component of Panchngam studies. To determine the most auspicious times for religious events like marriages, corporate mergers, and other activities, astrologers consult the Panchngam.

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Extensive mathematical effort requiring a high level of spherical geometry and a firm grasp of astronomical events, such as the sidereal movements of heavenly bodies, are required for the casting of a Panchngam. In reality, however, the tabulation is carried out using quick formulas developed by sages and academics of the ancient Vedic civilization.

2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online

Click here for 2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala Sobhakritu Online

The positions of the Sun, Moon, and other planets for each day of the year at a specific location (longitude, latitude), as well as the time of day, may be tabulated in a standard Panchngam (in 24-hour format IST). By considering their relative difference from this fixed place and time, the users determine the remaining data.

Hindu Panchngam’s primary function is to determine the timing of numerous Hindu holidays and auspicious times (election- Muhurta). In the Hindu electoral system, different Panchngam component, weekday-Tithi, weekday-constellation, and weekdays- Tithis- constellation combine to form auspicious and unauspicious times (Yogas). Furthermore, specific weekdays, Tithis, constellations, Yoga, and Karanas have been prescribed for activities that bear fruit throughout their currency.

2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam PDF Tirumala:

It is essential to use Panchngam Shuddhi (purified-time) when choosing an auspicious occasion. Additionally, positive transits, a cleansed ascendant, the absence of malevolent yogas, a favourable Dasha (Hindu progression), the name of the doer, propitiations, mantra chanting, the location of the activity, societal conventions, omens, and breathing pattern are all taken into consideration.

The Ugadi’s Sobhakritu year is designated for 2023–2024. Between Ugadi 2023 and Ugadi 2024, the year will be in effect. The Tirumala panchangam is available for the Sobhakritu year because of this. The TTD Tirumala Panchangam will be offered in two variants each year. The temple website has a PDF version that will be one of the versions. The hardcopy edition, which is the alternate form, is offered by publishing companies.

The TTD Panchangam is available in print form in Tirumala book shops and publishing houses, which the pilgrims should be aware of. The pilgrims have two options for purchasing Panchangam: they either do so personally or through the TTD website. From a few days before ugadi, the panchangam will be accessible on the official website.

Download the TTD Panchangam 2023 pdf online:

  1. Open the website for the TTD board.
  2. On the website’s home page, scroll down to the “Latest Updates” section.
  3. You can find TTD Panchangam 2023 under “Latest Updates.”
  4. Click the “View” button to see the current year’s Panchangam in the correct format.
  5. From there, you can then get the Panchangam for 2023.

The TTD releases the Panchangam for the pilgrims on Ugadi Day each year. 2023 has been designated as the Sobhakritu year. The TTD panchangam is available to pilgrims both online and as a PDF download from the TTD website. The most popular source for astrology and other spiritual requirements is TTD panchangam. The TTD panchangam will be purchased annually by a large number of pilgrims. The TTD in Tirumala’s Panchangam is a beautifully-printed book that is sold at most of the temples in Tirumala as well as book stores.

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