2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam Tirumala Buy Online Order

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The astrological daily calendar known as Panchang is based on the Indian calendar. For astrologers and members of the Hindu community who use a day’s planetary position to establish auspicious timing for festivals, vrats, and other occasions, the daily panchang is one of the most widely used reference books.

There are 60 years in the Panchangam – Hindu Vedic Calendar, each with a unique name. The name also has a deeper connotation and hints at what awaits us in that year. The recently ended year PRAMADHI is associated with errors or mistakes. Numerous unfortunate things may have occurred throughout the year. The next year, VIKRAMA, is associated with gallantry or bravery. There will be plenty of chances this year to right the wrongs from last.

2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam Tirumala Buy Online Order

Why do we read Panchangam on the first day of the year?

The Panchangam is read on the first day of the new year to find out what the coming year has in store for us. The name of the day, the tithi of the day, the star of the day, the yogam of the day, and the karanam of the day are the five main components of the Panchangam. Any new endeavour that is launched on the proper tithi would provide the person iswaryam (a lot of riches and prosperity). Similar to this, any act performed on the appropriate day of the week can improve longevity, or a person’s life expectancy. 

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Any action carried out on a day with a favourable star will lessen the papams (ill effects because of ill deeds). All ailments can be cured by performing one good action at a time while practising beneficial yoga. Last but not least, performing a good deed during a favourable karanam will enable the performer to complete the deed’s goal without encountering any obstacles. Therefore, it is crucial to begin every new project or action at the proper moment. The Panchangam is used to teach people how to have a wonderful time.

Panchangam meaning:

A sanskrit word with the meaning “Five Limbs” is panchang. As indicated by these parts throughout a day, these five limbs stand for five sources of energy, both visible and invisible. Location, Time Zone, Time and Date, etc., are crucial factors in figuring out the precise panchang for a given day. Tithi (lunar day), Yoga (luni-solar day), Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (constellation), and Karana are the five characteristics of the day that make up Panchangam (half of a lunar day). Muhurtham or Muhurat is the term for the most suitable period that ensures the perfect balancing of the five qualities. Astrologers utilise a Panchangam to find the most auspicious times to hold various social and religious activities.

2023 TTD Ugadi Panchangam Tirumala Buy Online Order:

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