2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh Telugu Panchangam Calendar

Know the details about the 2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh Telugu Panchangam Calendar, 2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh, 2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh

Ugadi or Yugadi means “the start of a new age” in Sanskrit. Ugadi is celebrated as the first day of the New Year in the Deccan region, which includes the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. This is because it marks the beginning of the Kali Yuga, which began when Lord Krishna left the world.

2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh Telugu Panchangam Calendar

2023 Ugadi Date Andhra Pradesh:

Ugadi 2023 is on Wednesday, March 22.

On the first day of the Shukla paksha in the Indian month of Chaitra, it is celebrated. On the Gregorian calendar, Ugadi happens between March and April.

Spiritual Significance of Ugadi:

After the Spring Equinox, when the sun moves from the southern to the northern hemisphere, Ugadi begins. It marks the start of spring, so it stands for new life, new hopes, and new dreams. Myth says that Lord Brahma, the god who made the world, began his work on this day. This festival is also a celebration of Lord Rama’s return to his home after he was sent away.

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  • On this day, people who speak Telugu will celebrate the Ugadi festival all over the world. People will get ready to celebrate the Ugadi festival by making Ugadi Pachandi.
  • For the New Year, the people will also read the Panchangam. In addition to the Telugu calendar, the Ugadi festival also marks the end of the old year in many other cultures.
  • Pilgrims can follow different kinds of Ugadi Panchangam, which they can also buy online. Please keep in mind that the Ugadi Panchangam will be mostly in Telugu.
  • On the Ugadi holiday, some people will also go to the Temples.

Ugadi’s customs:

  • People in the Deccan region celebrate Ugadi every year with a party, bright colours, and lots of fun.
  • People start getting ready for Ugadi about a week before it happens. The houses are cleaned and painted, and then rangolis and fresh flowers are used to decorate them. The air is cleaned with water from cow dung. Mango leaves are tied to the front door as a sign of good luck and wealth.
  • People worship God on this day by doing traditional things, like taking a holy bath at dawn. They do this to ask for blessings for success and happiness in the coming year.
  • At this time, people buy new clothes and jewellery.
  • Raw mangoes are in season right now. So, foods like pulihora and bobbatlu, which are made from raw mangoes, are made for Ugadi.
  • On this day, a traditional dish called “Ugadi pachchadi” is made with jaggery, green pepper, salt, neem flowers, tamarind, and pieces of raw mango. These ingredients are meant to represent all the tastes of “life.”
  • Ugadi is also a time when cultural events take place. As part of this festival, there will be devotional songs, hymns, and poetry readings (kavi sammelan).
  • People get together to hear the Panchanga, which is the New Year’s prediction. The name for this is “Panchanga Shravanam.”
  • Ugadi is a time when families get together. On this day, people get together to have fun and eat. Traditions from the past say that the best way to have a happy year is to ask the older people in the family for their blessings.
  • Everyone gets a special mixture that is made of neem leaves and jaggery.
  • On this day, a lot of worshippers go to temples like the Tirupati Venketeshwara temple and the Lord Shiva temple at Srisailam to do puja.

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