2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name Meaning Good or Bad Panchangam 

Know the details about the 2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name Meaning Good or Bad Panchangam , 2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name, 2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name

Ugadi is the first day of the year for people who speak Telugu or Kannada. It is also called the Lunar New Year. The date of Ugadi 2023 is March 22. Ugadi means the start of an astronomical cycle (yuga and adi). Ugadi is also the first day of Chaitra, the first month of the traditional Hindu calendar used in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.

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On this day, the Old Panchangam will be done, and the New Panchangam will begin. Every time the Ugadi festival happens, the name of the year will change. These names come from the Lord Narada’s children. Every year will be called something different and mean something different.

2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name Meaning Good or Bad Panchangam 

Click here for 2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name Meaning Good or Bad Panchangam 

2023 Ugadi Telugu Year Name Meaning:

  • Any Ugadi year’s name will only be used again after 64 years. means that these 64 years have 64 names.
  • Sobhakritu is the name for the Ugadi year of 2023.
  • Sobhakritu is Lord Narada’s name for one of his children. The name of the year, Sobhakritu, meant both Greatness and Goodness.
  • Astrology and the Panchangam say that the name Sobhakritu will be good for everyone. The Sobhakritu year is a good one, and the name suggests that this year will be full of fun and celebrations.
  • Astrology and the Horoscope say that the Sobhakritu year will be a great one for all zodiac signs. On Ugadi, people can read the panchangam to find out how the Sobhakritu year will affect their horoscopes.

Rituals on Ugadi:

  • People who speak Telugu or Kannada start the day of Ugadi with a long oil bath. In front of homes, Rangolis or Kolams are drawn, and doors and windows are decorated with a “toran,” which is a string of mango leaves. Then, in Andhra Pradesh, it’s time to make the well-known “Ugadi Pachadi.” It is called the “Bevu Bella” in Karnataka.
  • “Panchanga Sravanam,” or predictions for the year, is a big event on this day. It is put on at temples and by social and cultural groups.
  • Ugadi Pachadi is a special dish that is given out on the day. It has six different tastes, from sweet to bitter. It has jaggery, raw mango, tamarind, neem flowers, salt, and green chilli.
  • The important symbolism of Ugadi Pachadi is that life is full of different experiences, from sweet to bitter. So, everyone should learn to take the different things that happen to them in stride and move on.
  • Some places serve jaggery mixed with neem leaves instead of Ugadi Pachadi. Bitter neem leaves and sweet jaggery represent happiness and sadness in life, respectively. Kannadigas like this more than other people.

Ugadi and the start of spring:

Ugadi is the first day of spring, or the start of the Vasant Ritu. Farmers wait until the first rains of the New Year to start ploughing and the next cycle of farming. The festival honours how nature comes back to life. All the trees start to grow new leaves. There are many different kinds of fruits in the stores. The most important thing is that Neem trees start to bloom.

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