Aghora Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

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  • Pashupatha Aghora Homam, also called Aghora Homam’s Purpose
  • The Aghora Homam and the Pashupatha Homam are two separate but equally powerful Homams or Yagnas that together form the Aghora Pashupatha Homam.
  •  Lord Shiva, in his incarnation as Aghore Rudra, is worshipped as the supreme deity during the Aghora Homam.
  •  Sadyajata, Vamadeva, Aghora, and Tatpurusha are the names given to the five forms of Lord Sadashiva, also known as Panchmukhi Shiva. 

Aghora Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

Aghora Pashupatha Homam translates to:

The Aghora Pashupatha homam is performed to defend against boot preta dosha (evil spirits, black magic, and negativity), to destroy curses, Hexes, spells, and witchcraft, to protect against the evil eye (drishti dosha parihara), and to avoid legal disputes.  Those who do the Homa and their families are shielded from evil spirits such as the Bhoota, Preta, Pishacha, Shakinee, Dakinee, and Brahma Rakshasa. This Homam, when said, may help you prevail over any forms of evil, including enemies and other potentially damaging spirits.

The Yajman and the devotees benefit from the Aghora Pashupata Homam in many ways: They are shielded from harm, their homes and families are protected, they are bestowed with fearlessness, good health, and prosperity, and they are given help in overcoming obstacles such as legal disputes and other forms of adversity.  Even if the person doing the Aghorastra Homam is unaware of the presence of evil forces or a veiled foe who intends to harm them, they will still be protected and the negative energies will be destroyed.

You may do this Pooja at any time.

  • Dhanush, Makara, and Kumbha rasi natives are encouraged to try it.
  • Dates Best Suited for Pooja
  • The Great Sivaratri Festival
  • Following the Maha Sivaratri festival by 9 days
  • Saturday after the Maha Sivaratri festival.
  • When the Astrologer says it’s best to do it.

Aghora Pasupata Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

Pooja typically takes between two and two and a half hours to complete.

One day of Pooja

  • There is a limit of one family for each visit.
  • Women must wear sarees or churidars with dupattas, while males must wear dhotis and an overgarment. Dress like this is expected.
  • There are five incarnations of the Hindu deity Siva: Ishana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Sadyojata, and Vamadeva. The Aghora form stands for the fire deity Agni Tattva, who can extinguish all kinds of negativity and evil.
  •  It is commonly believed that whoever practices this Homa would be protected from the schemes of their enemies.

Price of Pooja: Rs.18,000.

  • A single person or a pair may do this Pooja.
  • Pooja based on the Aghora Pasupata ritual
  • Two priests will carry out the complete Pooja ceremony.
  • Only the person doing the Pooja should be seated near the Homa Kund.
  • The priest or other religious leader in charge of the ritual will guide the devotee.
  • At this time, the priest would pour ghee into the Homa Kund while singing the mantra.
  • Buying the ingredients for the Pooja is included in the total cost of performing the ritual.

Aghora Pasupata Homam has several advantages:

  • If you’ve been suffering for eight years and a half, Dosha Shani
  • Feeling the Ache of Astamashani
  • The Effects of Artha Astamasani on the Living
  • Wishing for Promising Professional, Academic, and Health Prospects
  • Marriage and overseas travel both have their associated “Doshas” lifted.
  • helps things go more smoothly by eliminating roadblocks
  • To boost output and recover financial losses
  • neutralizes the negative consequences
  • Defending oneself against the assaults of hostile forces.


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