Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy Temple Mannarpoluru

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Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy temple in Mannarpoluru, which is a historical monument, has significant allusions to Jambavati’s wedding with Sri Krishna. It was at this location that Sri Krishna triumphed against Jambavanth in order to get Samanthakamani. According to the Brahmanda Purana, the battle between Sri Krishna and Jambavantha lasted 28 days.

Because of this, the location was given the name “Malla Hari Poru Vuru” (where Lord Hari did Malla Yudham, a type of fight). Samanthakamani and Jambavathi, Jambavatha’s daughter, were introduced to Sri Krishna by Jambavatha. The years went by, and it was eventually given the name Mannarpoluru. This is the only temple in India that honors Jambavathi, Sathyabhama, and Sri Krishna all at the same time.

Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy Temple Mannarpoluru

History Of Alaghu Mallari

Lord Maha Vishnu is said to have deflated the inflated ego of Garuda at this location, which is another intriguing myth related to this location. According to one version of the legend, the individuals who were responsible for erecting this Heritage Temple originated from Koundinya Rishi. It was constructed in the 17th century by Bangaru Yadama Nayudu, and it is located in a location that was previously well-known for its Malla yodhas (wrestlers). It is thought that the territory of the Malla Yodhas may be found here (wrestlers). The current structure of the Temple was established in the 17th century by Bangaru Yadamma Nayudu.

Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy Temple Mannarpoluru

During the 10th century, Chola King constructed this religious structure. King Manuma Siddhi, who governed Nellore in the 13th century, is credited for restoring this temple to its former splendor. In the 18th century, Venkatagiri Raja presented the Temple with a gift of five villages in order to sustain the Temple’s ceremonies.

In addition to the Idols of Satyabhama and Jambavathi, the two consorts of Lord Sri Krishna, we may also locate the Idols of Sugreeva and Jatayuvu in this temple. The Garuda Idol is 9 feet tall, while the Jambavantha Idol is 9.5 feet tall. The audience will be astounded by the Idol of Jambavantha since it gives the impression that it is crying. Within the premises is a temple devoted to the deity Lord Sri Rama.

Available Transport And Location To Alaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy Temple

  • Sullurpeta is located 5 kilometers distant from Mannarpoluru.
  • Temple is located 70 kilometers distant from Tirupati. There are direct buses that go to Sullurpeta.
  • 84 km distance from Chennai.
  • 37 kilometers separate from the Temple from the nearest train station in Sri Kalahasti.

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) has seized control of the Sri Azaghu Mallari Krishna Swamy temple in Mannarpolur village in the Nellore district. The temple is located on the banks of the Kalindi river near Sullurpeta. Between the 10th and 11th centuries, the construction of the temple took place.

Recently, the TTD Trust Board Chairman Ch. Krishnamurthy and the Tirupati JEO Pola Bhaskar took part in a ceremonial event. During this event, the Executive Officer of the ancient temple, Srinivasulu Reddy, handed over the necessary papers to the TTD. According to a release, both of these individuals were present.

During his remarks, Mr. Krishnamurthy said that in the past, the town of Mannarpolur served as a pilgrimage hub from which worshippers would go off in a variety of directions. It is thought that the Cholas built the temple somewhere between the 10th and 11th centuries and that the ‘Manumasiddi’ kings of Nellore made improvements to it sometime around the 13th century. He said that in order to restore the temple to its former splendor, more development was planned.

Mr. Bhaskar mentioned one of the most important goals of the TTD when he said that they had taken over the temple in order to conserve, promote, and defend the rich legacy and culture.

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