Ampro Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Procedure

Know the latest news about Ampro Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Procedure, Tirumala Ampro Guest House Online Rooms Booking Procedure

Tirumala’s Ampro Guest House:

Several guest homes in Tirumala are managed by TTD, however they were built and donated by private organisations. One such place is Ampro Guest Houses. This is comparable to the private guest house offered to pilgrims at Tirumala. Accommodations at the Ampro Guest House are only available in TTD and cannot be reserved online. Only the SPGH allotment desk can make reservations for rooms in the AMPRO Guest houses. The Sri Padmavathi Guest House Area, popularly known as the SPGH zone, is where the majority of the VIP Range rest homes in Tirumala are situated.

Ampro Guest House Tirumala Rooms Online Booking Procedure

Pilgrims must visit the SPGH allotment office to check on availability if they want to stay in an Ampro guest house. A rest home will be assigned if one is available; if not, guest houses will be chosen based on letters of recommendation. In Tirumala, the majority of good guest house allocations would be made exclusively on the basis of recommendation letters.

Because of this, the majority of ordinary pilgrims won’t be able to remain at these rest houses, regardless of the cost of the stay.

  • Three rooms are accessible.
  • Room rates per day: 750 and 1000 rupees

At the Sri Padmavathi Guest House Allotment Desk, AMPRO rooms in Tirumala will be allocated.

Types of Rooms:

  • two beds in a room
  • Two bedrooms can be found.

Aspects of the room:

  • Electricity
  • Water Geyser is accessible every day of the week, all day long.

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The Sri Padmavathi Guest House Allotment counter is where, exactly?

  • The distance between the SPGH Allotment office and the C.R.O. Office Tirumala, which is located close to the Tirumala Bus Station, is 20 minutes by foot.
  • The SPGH Room Allotment Counter will be accessible every day of the week, around-the-clock.
  • The SPGH Room Allotment Counter and this Guest House are both 5 minutes away.

Booking AMPRO Rooms in Tirumala:

  • After check-in, the rooms are available for 24 hours.
  • The SPGH room reservation kiosk will offer a one-day room extension.
  • The lodging tariff will increase by two if you stay for longer than two days. This is done to stop abuse.

Important directives for pilgrims and devotees:

  • As specified on the ticket, bring a valid ID card and a darshan ticket.
  • Should wear appropriate attire
  • should have proof of two vaccination doses
  • A certificate of RT PCR negativity must be obtained 48 hours prior to the darshan date if immunisation is not given.

What are the rules for appropriate attire to adhere to in order to enter Tirumala?

  • Male: White kurta, dhoti, and pyjamas.
  • The other outfits that women could select to wear include the saree and blouse, the Punjabi dress with the dupatta, the Chudidhar with the dupatta, and the half-saree.

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