Annavaram Temple Marriage Halls Accommodation Booking

Know The Details About Annavaram Temple Marriage Halls Accommodation Booking, Timings, Rooms Costs, Online Tickets, And More Information

Annavaram, which is considered to be a sacred location, has the second most significant number of visits of any temple in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, just after Tirupati.

The design and construction of the temple were guided by the principles of Dravidian architecture. In the Revakhanda chapter of the Skandapuranam, praise is heaped upon the splendor and wealth of Lord SATYADEVA over an extended period of time.

Annavaram Temple Marriage Halls Accommodation Booking

On one side of Ratnagiri, Lord Satyadeva resides with his spouse Sri Anantha Lakshmi, while on the other side, Lord Siva resides there. Lord Satyadeva is the deity who rules the land. The mountain was named after Ratnakara, the son of Meru, the ruler of all the sacred mountains. Ratnakara was the lord who ruled over the holy mountains.

Sri Satyanarayana Swamy at Annavaram is one of the Divyakshetrams, and like the other Divyakshetrams, it is surrounded by sacred rivers. The holy Pampa River flows straight up to the foot of the hill where the temple is situated. All of humanity is blessed with Lord Satyadeva’s divine trinity manifestation, which is known as Hari Hara Hiranya Garbha Thrimurtyatmaka.

Lord Satyadeva is also known as the God of Truth. Because of this, followers of the Vaishnava and Saiva religious traditions visit this temple on a regular basis to pay homage to Lord Satyadeva, putting their differences with one another to the side in order to do so.

Annavaram Temple Marriage Halls Accommodation Booking

Halls Accommodation Details:

Marriage HallType (A/c or Non-A/c)HallCapacity of people
Vishnu Sadan HallsNon-AcClosed Area50 to 100
Vishnu Sadan HallsNon-AcClosed Area50
Hari Hara Sadan HallsNon AcOpen Area50
Hari Hara Sadan HallsNon-AcOpen Area50
Sita Rama Satram HallsNon AcClosed Area50 to 100
Old CC cottages HallsNon AcClosed Area50 to 100
New CC Cottages HallsNon-AcClosed Area50
Satya Deva Guest House HallsNon-AcClosed Area100
Inside Temple HallsAcClosed Area100 to 250
  • The Assignment of Halls The hours that are allotted are from 6:00 pm to 2:00 pm. At the moment, but this is subject to change at any time.
  • The wedding hall at Vratha Mandapam is available for use between the hours of 6:00 pm and 3:00 pm.
  • The Sathya Narayana Vratham may be performed in a hall if an extra charge is paid for the privilege. Satya Narayana Vrathams are often performed by the Devasthanam in groups at a range of different fees.

Temple Marriage Procedure:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age is required of the bride.
  • The minimum age requirement for the Groom is a minimum of 21 years old.
  • It is required that a photocopy of each party’s Aadhaar card be presented, including the bride, groom, and both sets of parents.
  • These locations are off-limits to any other kind of weddings other than those planned by Hindus.
  • Because there are only so many halls available, reservations must be made in advance.
  • After a waiting period of thirty days, bookings may be made.
  • This religious institution is unable to perform marriage registration at this time.
  • It is customary for at least one set of parents or other close relatives to be present at the wedding.
  • The temple trust does not provide marriage licences, thus you cannot get one from them.
  • Any day of the week is available for scheduling a reservation at the wedding chapel.
  • You have the option of reserving a specific room or the whole hall in advance.
  • Following the performance of the marriage, devotees are allowed to go alone for the Darshan or Vratham.
  • It is against the law to enter into a marriage based only on romantic feelings when neither set of parents has given their approval.
  • For the devotee to be able to book the wedding venues and lodgings, they are need to make a personal appearance at the CRO office.

Please note that we do not take reservations for the temple on this site; in order to reserve the hall and make any other necessary preparations, the devotee must appear in person at the temple with the proper identification.

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