Annavaram Temple Shasti Poorthi Pooja Procedure Booking

Know The Details About Annavaram Temple Shasti Poorthi Pooja Procedure Booking, Timings, Tickets Costs, Attire, And More Information

After Tirupati, the holy place of Annavaram receives the second highest visitors of any shrine in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The temple was designed and built using Dravidian architectural principles.

The magnificence and riches of Lord SATYADEVA are lauded at length in the Revakhanda section of the Skandapuranam. Lord Satyadeva, the governing god, dwells atop Ratnagiri with his bride Sri Anantha Lakshmi on one side and Lord Siva on the other.

Annavaram Temple Shasti Poorthi Pooja Procedure Booking

The mountain was named after Ratnakara, the son of Meru, the king of holy mountains. Ratnakara was the ruler of sacred mountains. Along with the other Divyakshetrams, Sri Satyanarayana Swamy at Annavaram is encircled by sacred rivers, and the holy Pampa River runs right up to the foot of the hill where the temple is located.

Lord Satyadeva, who is known as the God of Truth, bestows his divine trinity manifestation, which is known as Hari Hara Hiranya Garbha Thrimurtyatmaka, onto all of mankind. Because of this, adherents of both the Vaishnava and Saiva religious traditions visit this temple daily, putting their disagreements with one another to the side to pay respects to Lord Satyadeva.

  • Shastipoorthi Time required: 6–7 hours. In only a day or two, one may complete this Pooja.
  • Two or three priests will conduct the Pooja.
  • Shasti Poorthi Pooja can be booked Online or Offline at the Counter as per the Devotees Wish
  • Following are the Available Halls for Shastipoorthi Pooja
Hall CapacityNo.of Halls
Up to 50 Persons24
50 to 150 Persons12

Shasti Poorthi Pooja Procedure:

Day 1:

  • Gaja Pooja: Pooja done to Gaja
  • Pooja was done to Cow, therefore let’s go!
  • Start with a Vigneshwara Pooja to clear away any potential roadblocks.
  • Prathishta of 64 Kalasa; the installation of 64 Kalasa and the performance of Devatha Avahanam.
  • Agni Karyam: The Homa Kundalini Awakening
  • Sri Ganapathy Homam: Bestow Wisdom on Worshippers
  • A Prayer to the Nine Planets (Navagraha Homam) Shanti is required, as it bestows health and riches to the devotee.
  • Dosha associated with unexpected death may be eliminated using the Mrithunjaya Homam. Sending you good vibes
  • Ayush Homam, or Prolongs Life Expectancy.
  • Recuperate from a protracted sickness using the mantra Dhanvanthri Oushatha Homam.
  • A Sacred Hymn
  • Durga Homam: May the power of your intellect and will always prevail
  • Sanskrit Mantra Chant: Sudharshana Homam
  • Ashta Lakshmi Homam: May Prosperity Be With You
  • The Great Vishnu Prayer
  • Purges the dosha associated with reaching 60 (Bheemaratha Homam / Sadhabishega Homam).
  • Homam for appeasing the gods of the home, or Kula Devatha Homam.
  • Poornahuti: Declare the end of the day’s Pooja.
  • Deeparadhahnai

Day 2:

  • Prayer to Vigneshwara
  • Fire of Agni
  • A Prayer to Sri Ganapathy
  • The Navagraha Homam
  • Homam Mritthunjaya
  • Homam Ayush
  • Homam Dhanvanthri Oushatha
  • A Sacred Hymn
  • The Durga Puja
  • Homam Sudharshan
  • Ashes of Lakshmi’s Homam
  • The Great Vishnu Prayer
  • Homam Bheemaratha / Sadhabishega
  • The Homam is bookended with Poornahuti.
  • Devotional Offerings (Deeparadhana)
  • Deity bathing ritual (Theertha Abhishekam)
  • Muhurtham, is the time of year for weddings and flower arrangements
  • Brahmins of the Vedas’ asirvatham
  • Lord Shiva and Goddess Ambal Darshan, the Swami Darshan
  • Praying for the devotee’s name (Archana).

Annavaram Temple Shasti Poorthi Pooja Procedure Booking

Shasti Poorthi Regular Pooja Procedure:

  • Hindu Rituals start with Ganapathi Pooja
  • Dharma Avahanam Deva
  • Kalasthapana
  • Mruthyunjaya Homam.
  • Homam for Ayush
  • Snanam Avabrutha
  • Optional – Sathyanarayana Vratham
  • Eventually, Darshan followed with their own.
  • The 11s, 21s, 27s, 32s, 64s, 120s, etc. will all be Kalasas.

Why Perform Shastipoorthi Pooja?

During Shastipoorthi, the Ugraratha Shanti Pooja will be held. Kalasasthapana on the first day, Ugraratha Shanti on the second, Ayush Homam on the third, and Avabrutha Sananam on the fourth. A Human may supposedly live up to 120 years. This Pooja is done to ensure long life and health after the first half of one’s life has passed.

Pooja Benefits:

  • Good Wellness and health
  • Calm and Relaxation
  • It is claimed that doing this Pooja may add five years to a person’s life span.
  • Family wellbeing
  • Reduces arguments and disputes within the family
  • Removes financial concerns

Please note that we do not take reservations for the temple on this site; in order to reserve the hall and make any other necessary preparations, the devotee must appear in person at the temple with the proper identification.

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