AP Tourism To Araku Valley Traveling Packages Booking Detail

Know More Details About AP Tourism To Araku Valley Traveling Packages Booking Detail, Location, Safety Measures, And Contact Info Are Given

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Andhra Pradesh is the Araku Valley, which is located not far from Visakhapatnam. The valley bottom is adorned with breathtaking panoramas, picturesque coffee plantations, and beautiful woods. This valley is Andhra Pradesh’s most visited hill station because of its fascinating tribal museum and breathtaking natural attractions.

As you are making travel arrangements to visit Araku Valley, bear in mind that the months of October through March are ideal since the weather is pleasant throughout those months. Because of the pleasant temperature and the lack of traffic on the roads, this is the ideal time to go sightseeing. 

AP Tourism To Araku Valley Traveling Packages Booking Detail

The surreal and tranquil environment of Araku valley has, for a very long time, attracted tourists from a wide range of locations. It is definitely worth your time and effort to go to Araku valley, stay there, and investigate the numerous unique sights that are located in that area. In addition to being a well-liked destination for vacationers, the Araku valley is also well-known as a setting for filmmaking in the Telugu film industry.

Since coffee beans were grown there, the region not only has a lovely appearance, but it also exudes the aroma of coffee beans that have just been organically roasted. The Araku Valley’s coffee plantations are a major contributor to the local economy and a substantial source of employment in the area. The tribal handicrafts and tribal culture of the Araku valley have also been preserved so that visitors to this enchanted place would have the opportunity to experience them.

Araku Tribal Museum: It is the ideal location for those who have a passion for art. The museum is known for its extensive collection of indigenous art and craft as well as its presentation of the distinctive culture of indigenous people. This museum features artifacts such as handicrafts, decorations, fabrics, and clothing that have been produced by the indigenous people in the area.

AP Tourism To Araku Valley Traveling Packages Booking Detail

  • There are some places to visit near Araku Valley.
  • Padmapuram Gardens: The botanical park has a total area of 26 acres of land and features several stunning nurseries with a wide variety of rare and exotic plant species.
  • The garden is home to a vast collection of indigenous artifacts, in addition to its extensive collection of plant life, which includes tree homes and stone sculptures.
  • Museum of Coffee (Café): Get an education in whatever it is that you like learning about the most!
  • Your daily fixation: That delicious brew of coffee! You will get the opportunity to learn about the history of coffee and the coffee plantation farms while you are here. In addition to that, you have the option of purchasing freshly roasted coffee beans and berries, as well as spending time at coffee shops.

Traveling Packages Are Given By AP Tourism

  • Travel time: 6 am-9 pm. Daily (one-day) excursion to Araku through the Borra Caves by train and road.
  •  Adults pay Rs. 700/$10, while children pay Rs. 560/$9, and that covers train and bus travel, breakfast, lunch, tea, and snacks.
  • Road Trip On The Araku Railway: Morning departure, evening arrival (at 6 o’clock) (Next day)Tour of Araku and the Borra Caves by train and bus (a two-day trip)Adults pay Rs. 2200/- and children pay Re. 1760/- for a room with air conditioning, while adults pay Rs. 1900/- and children pay Rs. 1500/- for a room without air conditioning.
  • Rates for a Deluxe Room starting at Rs. 1,500 for an adult and Rs. 1,200 for a child. Araku, Overnight Stay (Day 1), This includes breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, and train fare.
  • Destinations include the Tribal Museum, the Ananthagiri Coffee Plantation, the Borra caves, and the Dhisma Dance. – Araku Overnight Stop

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