APSRTC One Day Tirupati Darshan Package from Bangalore

Know the latest news about APSRTC One Day Tirupati Darshan Package from Bangalore, APSRTC One Day Tirupati Darshan Package from Bangalore online

Package from Bangalore to Tirupati Darshan by APSRTC:

You can book the Special Darshan Entry, the Free Darshan Ticket, or the Accommodation Quota on the official website of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) Board. At the end of each month, customers can use the TTD Ticket Booking service. But because tickets sell out in minutes, most people can’t get them in time.

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) now gives passengers the option to buy tickets for the Tirumala special admission darshan when they book a bus trip.

APSRTC One Day Tirupati Darshan Package from Bangalore

You can buy tickets for this darshan on the APSRTC’s official website or from any authorised reseller. Also, the people in charge of the RTC have said that every day, one thousand tickets will be given to devotees leaving from Bangalore and taking KSRTC buses to Tirumala.

Click here to reserve a ticket for Tirumala darshan APSRTC one day package from Bangalore

You can buy this package at any ticket counter authorised by APSRTC or online at www.apsrtconline.in. The officials said that you need to start planning at least seven days ahead of time to get the ticket. Online booking is possible for the APSRTC Tirumala Special Darshan Ticket Package, which costs Rs. 300.

How do I buy APSRTC Tirumala Rs.300 darshan tickets through the APSRTC website?

  1. Check out the official APSRTC website or use the APSRTC app on your mobile device.
  2. After you choose a date and click the “Check Availability” button, you can go to Tirupati from anywhere in Karnataka.
  3. You can look at the available buses and make the list bigger by clicking on the row itself. Click on the “Show Layout” button.
  4. Pick out the right amount of seats.
  5. Under “TTD Darshan Details,” choose the day of the darshan from the drop-down menu, then click the “Search” button.
  6. Choose a time range, and then make sure it’s available.
  7. If the day you want to go for darshan isn’t available, try going on a different date instead, and then click the search button again.
  8. If there are still tickets for darshan available, please fill out the form.
  9. Check the information again before you complete the deal (Trip and Darshan Date).
  10. If all of the information is correct, please send in your payment.
  11. After the payment goes through, tickets will be made for both the Bus Journey and the Darshan. Please remember that you’re only buying a bus ticket, not a Darshan ticket, with this purchase.
  12. To buy a Darshan ticket at the Tirumala Bus Stands, you will need to show the ticket that was just mentioned.
  13. You can also get it by going to the APSRTC website.
  14. After putting in the booking confirmation number and the mobile phone number that was used to make the booking, click the “Submit” button.
  15. You will have another chance to look at bus tickets. Please print this page by clicking the “TTD Print” button below. 

Advice for people who are travelling from Bangalore to Tirumala:

  • Pilgrims must show proof of vaccination (two doses) or a covid-19 negative certificate that was obtained within the last 72 hours on the day of darshan in order to be eligible for darshan.
  • The ticket that was bought through TTD darshan cannot be given to someone else or refunded.
  • You have to wear a mask and wash your hands often while you’re in the temple. You also have to stay away from other visitors.

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