Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple Ratha Saptami Timings 

Know the latest details about the Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple Ratha Saptami Timings, Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple Ratha Saptami

Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple:

The famous Sun God Temple is in the village of Arasavalli, which is about 1 kilometre east of Srikakulam Town, which is the district headquarters for North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is one of our country’s oldest and one of only two temples to the sun god. Padmapuranam says that Sage Kasyapa put the Idol of Surya at Arasavalli for the good of all people. So, the Surya comes from the Kasyapasa Gotra. He is also called the King of the Planets.

Sthalapurana of Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple:

According to the temple’s “Sthalapuranam,” Lord Devendra found this temple and put the existing statue of the sun god, who is usually called Lord Suryanarayana Swamy Varu, in it. Once, Lord Devendra didn’t listen to what Dwarapalaka Nandi told him and tried to force his way into Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy varu when Lord Shiva was there with his wife. In order to do his job, the Dwarapalaka Nandi kicked the intruder. So, Indra fell to the ground after being kicked and hurt by the attendant of God.

And when Indra was out of his mind, he had a dream that he could get rid of the pain in his chest that Nandi had caused if he had built a temple and put up an idol of the Sun God. After he woke up, he remembered what had happened in his dream.

Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple Ratha Saptami Timings

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Following his dream, he picked up three handfuls of dirt where he was lying. There, he found a beautiful statue of the sun god with his three wives, Usha, Chaya, and Padmini. Mathara and Pingala, the Dwarapalakas, are shown at the bottom of the idols. Sanaka and Sanadana, two divine saints, are shown on top of the idols holding “Chatrams” (An Umbrella ). Anura, the Radhasaradhy, is shown pulling a chariot that the Sun God is riding on. All of these figures are made from a single piece of black granite that has been polished to a high shine.

Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple Ratha Saptami Timings:

The pilgrims will begin to gather at the temple as early as 4 AM. Depending on what time

The most important festival that will be held at this temple is Ratha Saptami. This temple is in Arasavalli, which is in Srikakulam Town in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ratha Saptami significance:

Ratha Saptami is a festival of Lord Surya Narayana Swamy. It is held in February or March and is thought to be God Surya’s birthday. Surya Jayanti is another name for this day. People believe that every year on this day, our country goes from darkness to light. Our bodies will react chemically with the sun’s rays, and this will make us healthier. Myth says that it is the birthday of the Sun God. It is said that the temple grounds have special rays and vibrations, and that people who eat Teertha Prasadams will be blessed with wealth and good health. Lord Surya Narayana Swamy rides in a chariot with one wheel and seven horses, which stand for the seven colours of light that make up the word VIBGYOR. Before killing Ravana, Lord Rama prayed to Surya.

Ratha Saptami at Arasavalli Surya Narayana Swamy Temple:

  • On Ratha Saptami, when the sun comes up, the rays of the temple will fall directly on the feet of the Lord. Most of the time, the Sun’s rays won’t come out at different times.
  • Sunrise is on this day, the sun will be shining on the temple god. Some days it may be cloudy or rainy, and pilgrims may not be able to see this wonder.
  • But on a perfect Sunrise day, the pilgrims can see this from the temple. Because of this, on this day, lakhs of pilgrims will go to the Arasavalli temple to see the Lord.
  • On this happy day, we will be able to see the Nija Rupa from noon to five o’clock.
  • Ratha Saptami marks the beginning of spring and the start of harvest time. On this day, if you worship Lord Surya and fast, you can get rid of all kinds of sins.

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