Atla Taddi Atlu Recipe Nomu Pooja Telugu Dosa Ingredients

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As the name implies, Atla Taddi is based on Atlu, which signifies Dosas. Taddi is an abbreviation for Tadiya, which means “third day.” Aswayuja Masam contains Atla Taddi Nomu. Atla Taddi is celebrated on Aswayuja Bahula or Krishna Paksha Tadia, which is the third day of the waning phase of the moon in the Ashwayuja Month of the Tamil calendar.

Atla Taddi Atlu Recipe Nomu Pooja Telugu Dosa Ingredients

The process to pay attention to the Atla Taddi Nomu:

  • On the day of Atla Taddi, a head bath is required. Tadiya meal should be consumed before morning. Fasting must be observed throughout the day, including the consumption of water.
  • Fasting can be broken only after sunset and before darkness falls. Wait until the Moon is visible, however viewing the Moon is not required.
  • Puja should be performed for Goddess Gauri. 

Goddess Gauri Pooja Vidhanam:

  • Shodasopachara Pasupu Ganapathi Puja Pooja in which Ashtothra satanamavali or Sahasranamam is recited.
  • The offering should consist of ten Atlu or Dosas.
  • A married woman must be given a Vayanam after the pooja. The Vayanam will be made up of ten Atlu or Dosas and will be tied to the married woman with a Thoram. 
  • The Thoram will have a top speed of 10 knots. Take the married woman’s blessing. If the woman accepting the Vayanam is none other than Goddess Gauri, the Vayanam must be offered.
  • The preceding procedure must be repeated for a period of ten years. After ten years, Udyapana must be completed.

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Udyapana Method:

  • The house will be visited by ten married women.
  • Vayanam must be offered to every woman. Vayanam is made up of ten Atlu or Dosas, Dakshina (money), black beads (Nalla Pusalu), Lakka Jollu (Pasupu), and Kum Kum (Tambulam).
  • There is no need to observe the Nomu after Udyapana.

Atla Taddi Atlu Ingredients:

  • 3 glasses rice flour
  • Fenugreek – 1/2 teaspoon
  • 1 glass ghee
  • a 1/2 spoon of salt

Atla Taddi Atlu Recipe:

  • Soak the chickpeas for three hours. Soak the fenugreek seeds as well. 
  • Then wash and finely ground. Rice 8h: Soak, wash, and dry it in an araka mixer, then sprinkle with flour, combine with soft flour, and season with salt. 
  • Dry flour should be added an hour before wet flour. 
  • These doshas are white, delicate, and delicious. 
  • These are sprinkled on top of nei, jaggery, and mudapapu. 
  • If you want to eat it in tiffins, combine it with green chilies.

Ritual in Atla Tadde 2022:

  • Women and children participate in this festival. They apply henna on their palms on this eve.
  • Women and children get up before sunrise to eat suddi (rice cooked the day before) with perugu (curd) and Gonguru Chutney.
  • After having suddi, unmarried girls and children would sing Atla Tadde songs on the streets until the sun rises.
  • This celebration is more visible in rural areas than in cities.

History of Atla Tadde 2022:

  • Atla Tadde is a one-of-a-kind fast undertaken by Pondagori as Goddess Gauri’s husband at the request of Narada.
  • It is a passage regarding women’s health. The primary form of worship is moon worship. According to the Bible, happiness flourishes in the family.
  • Making such a sacrifice to the goddess at this event has ramifications. Atlas is created by combining glazed flour and rice flour, as well as grains for millets and rice.
  • This mixture is thought to guard against menstruation issues and to help prevent miscarriages.

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