Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha Online Nomu Story

Know the latest details about the Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha Online Nomu Story, Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha, Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam 

Atla Taddi Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha Online Nomu Story

Atla Taddi Nomu Story:

Once upon a time, a princess was observing the Atla Taddi Nomu, and as part of the rite, she had to fast for the entire day and eat only after seeing the Moon. She passed out after a few hours because she was not used to fasting. Her brothers questioned their mother about the princess’s unconsciousness. Her mother responded that she was fasting and had been unconscious because she was not used to it. According to the procedure, the princess could only eat after viewing the Moon.

The brothers fastened a mirror on a stick and held it aloft. They built a fire and arranged it so that the reflection in the mirror looked like the Moon. The brothers woke their sister, showed her the phoney Moon, and forced her to break her fast.

The princess grew up and reached marriageable age. Her brothers looked for a suitable match, but all they found were profiles of elderly people. They looked for a long time and ultimately settled on a match with one of the elderly people.

The princess was surprised to learn that her brothers had arranged a marriage with an elderly woman. She believed she had performed the Atla Taddi Nomu and that as a result of the Vrat, she should only marry a young man. She declined to marry the elderly gentleman. The brothers insisted on her marrying the old man. When the princess realised the situation, she fled to the forest without alerting anyone.

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She began penance beneath a banyan tree. When Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati observed the princess completing the penance, they were moved. They approached her and inquired as to why she was performing the penance. The princess responded that she had told them the entire thing.

They understood and explained to her that, although observing the Atla Taddi Nomu, she had not fully fulfilled the fasting and that her brothers had tricked her by presenting her a phoney Moon. They went on to say that she was only getting matches from older guys because of her incorrect fasting. They instructed her to return to the palace and correctly complete the Atla Taddi Nomu by fasting until the Moon appeared.

The princess returned to the palace and told her parents the entire event before performing the Atla Taddi Nomu ceremony. This time, she paid close attention to every step of the process and executed the Atla Taddi Nomu flawlessly.

She secured a good young prince match by performing the Atla Taddi Nomu flawlessly. She was married to him and lived happily ever after.


On Atla Taddi’s day,

  1. Follow the procedure for doing the pooja.
  2. Fast throughout the entire day, even if you don’t drink any water.
  3. When the Moon is visible, offer Godess Ten Dosas (Atlu). Gauri Devi’s
  4. Vayanam, give ten Dosas (Atlu) and a Thoram to a married woman.
  5. Do this for ten years.
  6. As Vayanam, ten Dosas (Atlu), some money, black beads (Nalla Pusalu), and Lakka Jodu should be distributed to ten married women in the tenth year.

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