Avanakshamma Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Location History

Know More Information About the Avanakshamma Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Location History, and Significance of The Temple Details Here.

The Avanakshamma Temple is one of the oldest in the Telugu states. After being married, Lord Sri Venkateswara and Sri Padmavathi are supposed to have prayed to Lord Avanakshamma at this temple. Another incarnation of Lord Shakthi is the god Avanakshamma. That is a really powerful temple. It was only later that the TTD purchased the temple. Therefore, the TTD handles both the upkeep and the rituals themselves (pooja).

Avanakshamma Temple is just 5 kilometers from Narayanavanam Temple. Once upon a time, while on a hunting expedition, Lord Venkateshwara came to the temple of Narayanavanam to wed Lord Padmavathi. Forty kilometers separate the Tirupati Temple from the Avanakshamma Temple. Pilgrims are not required to make any advanced reservations for the Darshan. The Darshan won’t cost anything to access.

Avanakshamma Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Location History

The Avanakshamma Legend Temple: 

The name Avnakshi derives from the Sanskrit words for “eye” (Anam) and “Veda” (Akshi). When some time had gone, Avnakshi started talking to Avanakshamma. The demon Somukudu stole the Vedas from Lord Brahma, but the goddess Parvathi slew him and brought the Vedas back to Brahma. Following then, at Narayanavanam, the Goddess assumed the idol form of Avnakshamma, becoming a Swayambhu (manifest of Her own free choice) manifestation.

Afterward, Lord Brahma brought Avnakshamma here to be installed and worshipped. As the original Swayambhu Idol was too little, Sage Agasthya and Akasaraju erected a larger replica. Kali Matha is reflected in the Avanakshamma Idol.

Directions to the Avanakshamma Temple

  • Those traveling from Tirupati to Uthukottai are advised to alight at the intermediate stop at Narayanavanam (about 40 kilometers away).
  • You may take an auto-rickshaw 3 or walk 1 km from Narayanavanam.
  • The closest train station is at nearby Puttur. The distance between Narayanavanam and Puttur is just 5 kilometers.

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The Origins of the Avanakshamma Temple

The Akasaraju ruled over the construction and maintenance of the temple, followed by the Karveti and lastly the Tiruttani. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams assumed responsibility for the temple in 1967, and since then, poojas and festivals have been held on a regular basis.

The larger idol of Sankari devi can be seen in the Sanctum Sanctorium, there is a Vinayaka Idol situated under the Neem tree, and there are Naga sculptures located beyond the temple. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, devotees of the Avanakshamma Temple will be ecstatic since these days mark the beginning of three major festivals.

Those who aspire to get married and have children are expected to do the puja. The Jathara Festival, which spans 18 days, will take place between August 22nd and September 3rd (11,12). Tirumala Brahmotsavam and Navaratri Brahmotsavam run concurrently every year.

Avanakshamma Temple Pooja Timings Darshan Location History

Overview, Visitation Processes, and Pooja Times at the Avanakshamma Temple The Narayanavanam Temple is a good place to start looking for directions to the Avanakshamma Temple. The pilgrims also have the option of following Google Maps directions. The current location of the Avanakshamma Temple is shown on Google Maps.

Guests may visit the Avanakshamma Temple daily between the hours of 8 am and 11 am, as well as between 4 pm and 8 pm. Visitors to the temple may still make an appointment for a “Special Darshan” or other rites, and the hours of operation will not change due to holidays or celebrations.

Guests now have to walk five kilometers from the local village of Narayanavanam to reach the temple, since online reservations are not yet available. The Avanakshamma Temple, located at the foot of the Nagari Hills, draws a little bigger than the average number of tourists during holidays and festivals. Many sightseers who visit the Tirumala Temple also go to the neighboring Avanakshamma Temple.

Significance Of The Temple

The Narayanavanam Fort is in the shadow of the Avanakshamma temple; this area was formerly the heart of the kingdom of Karvetinagar under Suryavanshi Raja. When Akasaraju first started venturing out into the world, he would stop by this shrine to pray for good fortune. According to Padmavathi Parinayam, Padmavathi devi was born to the Akasaraju family after many years of waiting and was blessed by Goddess Avanakshamma.

Padmavathi devi and her father would often pray to the Goddess together when she was little. Padmavathi devi told the Goddess of Love and Beauty that she had fallen in love with Lord Srinivasa. Once they were engaged, they came here to pray. To prepare for her wedding, Padmavathi Devi performed the Gowri puja. Lord Venkateswara and Padmavathi devi prayed there before setting out for Tirumala.

Next to the Avanakshamma Temple is the Agastheswara Swamy Temple. The temple was established by Akasaraju, and the Siva Idol was placed by the sage Agasthya. Markathavalli is the name of this temple’s goddess. Although the goddess is traditionally placed to Siva’s left in temples dedicated to him, in this temple the goddess is placed first, followed by the Siva Linga.

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