Bangalore To Mantralayam Tour Package Transport Cost

Know The Details About Bangalore To Mantralayam Tour Package Transport Cost, One Day Sleeper Bus, Timings, Ticket, And More Information

Are you considering making travel arrangements to go to Mantralayam from Bangalore? It is not worth your time to look any further than this. You may be able to find a variety of adaptable travel packages to Mantralayam from Bangalore. These packages may be suitable for durations ranging from a weekend to a number of months. Check out our deals and take advantage of the seasonal savings we offer on vacation packages that take place within the United States.

These packages may include stays at deluxe hotels. Your trip can be planned with or without flights, depending on your preferences, so that it can be tailored to meet your requirements. However, you should be sure to specify whether it is a family vacation, or a solo adventure before making any travel arrangements. You will have the opportunity to visit sacred locations such as Mantralayam

Bangalore To Mantralayam Tour Package Transport Cost

Mantralayam, which is located in Andra Pradesh and is also referred to as Manthralaya, is a town that is frequently visited by tourists in search of spiritual inspiration. The Tungabhadra River runs through that area. The town became famous due to the Brindavan of Raghavendra Swamy, a saint who lived during the 17th century and entered a samadhi while still physically present in front of his students. Each year, thousands of people travel to Raghavendra Matth and the temples that are located in the surrounding area. These locations are located in India.

Journey Details:

Day 1: Drive to Mantralayam from Bangalore.

  • Guests will be picked up from their Bangalore hotel or home by the driver and taken to Mantralayam.
  • Using NH 44 from your location to Mantralayam would be a trip of around 369.2 kilometers and about 7 hours and 32 minutes.
  • Go to Mantralayam, where you may relax for the night. The car service will bring you directly to your lodgings.

Day 2: Pay a visit to the Mantralaya temple, and then go back to Bangalore.

  • Go to the temple dedicated to Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy, a great Hindu sage and philosopher, first thing in the morning.
  • Beyond the temple, one can see the Tungabhadra River.
  • Our trip back to Bangalore will begin immediately after the conclusion of the visit.
  • Our arrival in Bangalore is scheduled for the evening.

Booking Process:

  1. Enjoy worry-free online scheduling on our website.
  2. Emails and texts will be issued to confirm your booking and provide more information.
  3. Let the tour unfold and take your time.

Bangalore To Mantralayam Tour Package Transport Cost

Raghavendra Tirtha was known for his contributions to the religion. He was also known by the name Sudha Parimalacharya at one point. Commentaries on Madhva’s, Jayatirtha’s, and Vyasatirtha’s writings as well as a Dvaita interpretation of the Primary Upanishads and a treatise on Purva Mimamsa are all part of his extensive body of work, which also includes a dissertation on Purva Mimamsa. Each year, a sizable crowd of pilgrims makes the journey to his shrine at Mantralayam.

Hinduism has several famous Saints and Sages. One Saint becoming a Guru led many to God. Their actions taught the community spirituality. But, they also defended the nation in times of crisis, in addition to their spiritual purpose. Many Bharat Saints taught spirituality worldwide without worldly gain. It will help hundreds of millions worldwide. Bharat’s Sages have fought for thousands of years to preserve Vedic Knowledge, the nation’s pride. They simplified life and created numerous connected themes. The world’s greatest gift from Bharat’s Saints is Guru disciple.

In order to pick up the guest, the driver will either travel to their flat or their hotel, whichever is most convenient depending on the circumstances. When making a reservation, it is very necessary for you to provide an address that contains both the street name and the number in its whole. The name and contact information of the person who will be responsible for managing things on the ground is included on the voucher for the reservation.


  • Accommodations in the city of Bangalore are picked up and dropped off at no extra cost.
  • All trips will be taken in a private, air-conditioned Sedan. Auto or Sport Utility Vehicle (as chosen).
  • Cost of driver plus gas.
  • Transportation fees and taxes.
  • When 850 KM is Used (more than sufficient).


  • Prices for parking and toll roads.
  • Expenses related to lodging and eating.
  • If you use it between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, you’ll have to pay an extra Rs.300.
  • Everything that isn’t already included.

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