Basara Abhishekam Pooja Daily Timings Online Booking Cost

Know the details about the Basara Abhishekam Pooja Daily Timings Online Booking Cost, Basara Temple Abhisekam Timings, And Pooja Details.

The Basara Temple is considered to be one of the most significant temples in the whole state of Andhra Pradesh. The holy home of the Saraswathi Devi deity may be found at the Basara temple. For the Darshan at the Basara temple, thousands upon thousands of devotees make the journey there each year. The majority of the devotees that visit the temple will do so in order to attend either the temple’s special pooja or the temple itself.

The pooja may be booked either offline or online for the devotees who are making the journey to the temple. The Basara shrine is well known for the many visitors that go there with their children. In order to pay their respects to the temple, the pilgrims must make their way to the town of Basara.

The majority of the pilgrims will go to the temple so that they may do their service there. The Abhishekam service is considered to be one of the most significant acts of devotion that may be performed for devotees at the Basara temple. The Darshan and the Abhishekam, which take place in the temple, are available to the pilgrims who visit the Basara temple. Every day, the Abhishekam ceremony is performed at the Basara temple.

Basara Abhishekam Pooja Daily Timings Online Booking Cost And Abhishekam Procedure

The Darshan Temple’s Morning hours run from 7:30 the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon.

Evening Hours: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Abhishekam seva may be performed in the temple, and pilgrims are welcome to come there to participate.

Pilgrims must physically visit the Basara temple in order to make an offline reservation for the Abhishekam ritual, which is performed there. The temple does not yet provide an online booking system for Seva at this time.

The tickets may be purchased by the pilgrims at the temple office or at the temple tickets counter starting at four in the morning. During the Abhishekam, the pilgrims are required to dress in the appropriate traditional garb.

Followers are allowed to transport the necessary pooja items, which include curd, ghee, sugar, honey, milk, and fruits. The principal deity will have Abhisheka performed on them. The Nijaroopa Darshan of the god is available to worshippers during this time period. There is no need to make reservations in advance since you may buy tickets at the box office up to 4:30 am on the day of your visit.

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Basara Saraswathi Abhishekam Procedures For Pooja, Including Timings

Abhishekam shall be carried out on a daily basis.

  • Timings: 4:30 am – 5:30 am
  • Number of people that are permitted: 2
  • Abhishekam Time spent: one hour’s worth
  • Tickets for the Abhishekam may be bought over the counter beginning at 4:00 am and continuing until 4:30 am.

Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.

Saree with a blouse, a Punjabi dress with a dupatta, Chudidhar with a dupatta, or half saree is appropriate options for women to wear.

Basara Saraswathi Abhishekam Benefits

  1. Beneficial schooling opportunities would be offered to devotees.
  2. will be endowed with affluence as well as good health.
  3. Education beyond high school.

Where May One Find The Basara Temple?

By Air

The airport that is closest to you is located in Hyderabad, which is 259 km away.

By Train

Both Basara, which is just three kilometers away, and Nizamabad, which is thirty kilometers away, have train stations that are the closest to the temple. Free transportation is provided by Devasthanam from the train station to the temple.

Traveling by Bus You may take a bus that leaves directly from MGBS Hyderabad. The temple can be reached via Nizamabad along the highway that goes from Hyderabad to Mumbai and goes through Kammareddya.

The distance between the temple and the Basara bus terminal is 1.5 km.

This is the complete details about Basara Abhishekam Pooja Daily Timings Online Booking Cost.

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