Bengali Calendar Kolkata Durga Puja 2022 Date Pooja Schedule

Know the latest details about the Bengali Calendar Kolkata Durga Puja 2022 Date Pooja Schedule, Bengali Calendar Kolkata Durga Puja 2022 Date Pooja Schedule

Durga Puja is the most important holiday in West Bengal. Every year in Kolkata, this festival brings a lot of excitement, happy times for everyone, and a chance to see family and friends in the warmest way ever. Navratri is one of India’s most colourful and lively festivals. Durga Puja 2022 is one of Kolkata’s most well-known festivals.

On this day, people who believe in Durga Puja come from all over the world to pay their respects and enjoy one of these festivals in India. People from all over the world come to Kolkata every year for five days to honour the Hindu goddess Durga. During this time, the city has a spiritual and party-like atmosphere.

Bengali Calendar Kolkata Durga Puja 2022 Date Pooja Schedule

Kolkata Durga Puja 2022 Date and Pooja Schedule as per Bengali Calendar:

Shasthi – 14th Ashwin 1429 Durga Puja (October 1, 2022 – Saturday):

  • “Kalparambho” Shasthi Puja 7:03 a.m. – 9:29 a.m. 
  • Durga Devi “BODHON”, “Amantran” and “Adhibas” When it got dark.

On Shasthi, Goddess Durga and her four children, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartikeya, and Ganesh, come down to earth. On this day, the colourful goddess statues that have been hand-made and put up for the festival are shown to the public for the first time.

Saptami – 15th Ashwin 1429 Durga Puja (October 2, 2022 – Sunday):

  • Durga Devi “Nabo Patrika”, bathing of “Kola Bou”, “Saptami Puja” 
  • Durga Puja is between 9:29 a.m. and midnight, from 11:03 p.m. to 11:51 p.m.

The holy presence of Goddess Durga is called into the idols on the first day of Durga Puja, which is called Saptami. This is done through a ritual called Pran Pratisthan. The day starts with the Kola Bou bath, in which a banana tree is washed in a river or body of water before dawn, dressed in a sari like a newlywed bride, and used to carry the goddess’s energy. This tree is called “Kola Bou,” which means “the banana bride.” People worship nine different kinds of plants, which stand for the nine divine forms of the goddess Durga.

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Ashtami – 16th Ashwin 1429 Durga Puja (October 3, 2022 – Monday):

  • Ashtami Puja Between 7:01 and 8:29 and 9:29.
  • Sandhi Puja 3:36pm – 4:24pm, Bolidan – after 4:00pm.

Ashtami is a very important day of the Durga Puja. In a ceremony called Kumari Puja, the goddess is worshipped in the form of a young girl who has never been married and is dressed as Goddess Durga. In the evening, the important Sandhi Puja is done to worship Goddess Durga in her Chamunda form, which killed Chanda and Munda, two demons who helped the buffalo demon Mahishasura. The puja is done at the time when the person was killed.

Navami – 17th Ashwin 1429 Durga Puja (October 4, 2022 – Tuesday):

  • Nabami Puja Between 7:01 am and 9:29 am.

The last day of rituals and prayers is called Navami. It ends with a maha aarti, which means “great fire ceremony.” On this day, it is thought that Goddess Durga killed the buffalo demon Mahishasura. She is worshipped as Mahisasuramardini, which means “Destroyer of the Buffalo Demon.” Everyone wears their best and most glamorous clothes. The goddess’s favourite food, called bhog, is made and given to her. The food is then given to devotees.

Dashami – 18th Ashwin 1429 Durga Puja (October 5, 2022 – Wednesday):

  • Dashami puja and Bisharjan within 8:30am.

On Dashami, Goddess Durga goes back to her husband’s home, and the idols are taken to the river to be washed away. Women who are married give red vermillion powder to the Goddess and put it on themselves (this powder denotes the status of marriage, and hence fertility and bearing of children). People visit their family and friends after the immersion to give and receive blessings. People give out sweets and eat big dinners together. Dress is traditional and classic for the day.

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