Bhogi 2023 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Calendar Panchangam

Know the latest details about the Bhogi 2023 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Calendar Panchangam, Bhogi 2023 Date Telugu Calendar Panchangam

Sankranti is observed for four days in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Bhogi is the first of four days of Sankranti celebrations and is celebrated one day before the main Makara Sankranti day. On Bhogi day, people throw away outdated and broken goods that are no longer in use. As part of the Bhogi rite, abandoned wooden items at home are burned. People also set off fireworks early in the morning.

Bhogi 2023 Date as per Telugu Calendar Panchangam:

  • In the TTD panchangam and the State Government calendar, the date is set for January 14, 2023.
  • Please keep in mind that Bhogi is celebrated on January 13 in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

Bhogi 2023 Date Pooja Timings Telugu Calendar Panchangam

The Definition of Bhogi:

  • The major event of the day is the burning of anything noxious or useless – a sort of purification ceremonial.
  • Goddess Godha Devi was Mother Earth’s avatar, and Bhoodevi is a Vishnu devotee.
  • Goddess Godha Devi was discovered in the garden of Periyalwar. She grew up to be a devotee of Vishnu and a mystic poet. Thiruppavai was her creation.
  • As a result of her fervent and unwavering devotion to Bhagavan Vishnu, Goddess Godha Devi attained beatitude and became the wife of Lord Ranganatha (Bhagavan Vishnu) at Srirangam.
  • Goddess Goda Devi is a powerful advocate of Bhakti Marga. She is a renowned example of bridal mysticism – moksha through marriage, analogous to Vishnu’s Bhakti Bhava.
  • On Bhogi day, Goda Devi is reported to have attained nirvana when she joined Sri Ranganatha. Thus, Bhogi is the day Goda Devi arrived to Bhoga Aikya (Merger of Eternal Happiness)

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Bhogi Muggulu and Bhogi Pallu Ritual:

  • Bhogi Muggulu (a type of Rangoli) and Bhogi Pallu functions are key rituals on the day.
  • At Bhogi Pallu celebrations, young children are showered with regi-pallu, flower petals, sugarcane bits, money, and jaggery. Aarti is performed on children. Women bless them via song.
  • On the last day of Dhanurmasam, the marriage of Goda Devi is celebrated in Tirupati Venkateswara Temple and other Vishnu Temples on the day of Bhogi. Those who witness this holy marriage are typically expected to marry soon. 
  • Witnessing Goda Devi’s holy marriage with Sri Ranganatha contributes to a happy and tranquil wedded life. As a result, numerous couples attend Goda Devi’s wedding.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Bhogi is celebrated on the final day of the month of Margali. It is observed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana during the Pushya month.
  • The Symbolism of Lighting the Bhogi Fire
  • The lighting of the fire on Bhogi symbolises the destruction of harmful habits and the subsequent leading of a virtuous life. Before sunrise, they make a campfire out of wood logs, other solid fuels, and old wooden furniture. Unused articles are burned as a symbol of giving up old habits, vices, attachments, and material things.

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