Bhrigu Pasupata Marriage Homam Puja Procedure Benefits

Know The Details About Bhrigu Pasupata Marriage Homam Puja Procedure Benefits, Best Muhurtham, Timings, Costs, And More Information

Marriage-Specific Bhrigu Pasupata Homam is performed when you need to rid yourself of the negative effects of brighu shatka, brighashtama, and shashtaaka in order to be able to enjoy the bountiful life that the shukra planet brings, the ‘Brighu Pashupata Homam’ is the right homa for one to recite.

It is promised that one will have good fortune if this homa is performed on a Friday during the swathi nakshatra. Those individuals who were born in the shukramoudyami may benefit from using this homa. Those who are going through a shukra dashantardhas have a good chance of finding success if they do this homa.

Bhrigu Pasupata Marriage Homam Puja Procedure Benefits

The Bhrigu Pasupata Homam’s one and only objective is to remove any obstacles that may stand in the path of a prospective marriage. This homa is only open to eligible bachelors who are looking to marry the person of their dreams. If you have been forced to postpone your wedding, you may find some consolation in making an offering of homa to Gandharva Raja.

Bhrigu Pasupata Marriage Homam Benefits:

  • In order to reduce the impact of Sukra Graha’s adverse effects,
  • Brighashtama and Shashtaka, in order to protect themselves from the risks associated with a rich lifestyle,
  • The advantages of Shukra Dasa Antardasa will be enjoyed by those who are affected.
  • Seeking happiness in the manner in which Homam does would lead to the opposite result.

Auspicious Days For Bhrigu Pasupata Homam:

  • Maha Sivaratri day
  • Lingodhbava time on Maha Sivaratri day
  • Karthika Masam
  • The date is given by the astrologer, depending on their interpretation of the birth chart.
  • The following nine days after the day of Sivaratri.

The correct date will be determined after taking into account the Yogam, Dasa, and Antardasa.

Bhrigu Pasupata Marriage Homam Puja Procedure Benefits

It is possible to have a joyful marriage by first showing respect to the Lord in this manner and then completing the homa with the utmost devotion. This homa will please Bhrigu Pasupata, which will result in a fortunate marriage and is recommended for single women who are looking for a prospective spouse.

This homa may also be employed to prevent weddings from continuing for an excessively long period of time or from beginning too late. Those who do this homa ritual will be fortunate enough to find a beautiful partner for life.

This homa also helps to mitigate the potentially negative effects of chevvai dosha. Those who want to wed but are unable to do so because Mars is located in an unfavorable sector of their horoscope may perform this homa in order to appease the deity and remove any impediments that stand in their way. If you make an offering of an homa to the deity Bhrigu Pasupata, he will bestow his blessing of success on your marriage.

Instruction to devotees:

  • Pooja is a Hindu religious ceremony that may be performed anytime after the eighth day of a woman’s menstrual cycle.
  • avoid consuming Non-Veg Pooja is carried out during the days of March 3 and April 18 each and every year.
  • One is required to wash their head before beginning the Pooja.
  • Fasting is required in order to do this Pooja correctly.
  • Anyone is able to do the Kuja Graha Dosha Nivarana Pooja if they so want.

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