Chidambaram Temple Cost Time Location Procedure

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The temple is open daily from 6:00 am to 12:30 pm and then again from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm. The Sri Thillai Natarajar Temple may be found in Chidambaram, in the district of Cuddalore, and its address is 608 001. The whole abhishekam for the sphatika linga is done around ten o’clock in the morning. An abhishekam consisting of milk, honey, and sandal-paste is performed on the picture of Ratnasabhapati (also known as Manikka Nataraja) at exactly 10.30 in the morning.

The Dikshitars, or the priest community that oversaw the temple’s administration, petitioned the Madras High Court to have the temple classified as a private establishment. The temple can be reached by car in 78 minutes from Pondicherry and in 235 minutes from Chennai. The Sangam classics name the revered clan of traditional Vishwakarmas known as Viduvelvidugu Perumtaccan as the principal architect of the temple refurbishment.

Chidambaram Temple Cost Time Location Procedure

The Thillai Nataraja Temple, also known as the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, is a Hindu temple in Chidambaram, India, that is devoted to the form of Shiva known as the deity of dance known as Nataraja. This holy site may be found in Chidambaram, which is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The origins of this temple may be traced back to antiquity, and there was once a Shiva shrine here when the area was still referred to as Thillai. The name of the city, Chidambaram, comes from a Sanskrit phrase that literally translates to “stage of awareness.”

The building of the temple serves as a metaphor for the relationship that exists between artistic expression and spirituality, as well as between creative endeavors and the holy. The 108 karanas described in Bharata Muni’s Natya Shastra are shown in relief on the temple’s walls in the form of sculptures. These postures are the basis of Bharatanatyam, which is an Indian classical dance style.

History Of The Temple

The Nataraja temple is believed to have ancient origins and to have been built in a style that is consistent with the heritage of temple construction that can be seen all throughout South India dating back to at least the 5th century. Literary evidence, such as those of the Sangam tradition, suggests that there was a temple located here in ancient times alongside Madurai; however, the town is not called Chidambaram in any of these pre-5th-century manuscripts. In literature written in the sixth and early seventh centuries by Appar and Sambadar, the “dancing deity of Chidambaram” is identified as Shiva for the first time.

The Chidambaram dance is mentioned in the Suta Samhita, which is found encapsulated inside Sri Kanda Puranam and has several dates ranging from the 7th to the 10th century. The Nataraja temple that is still standing today has a design that may be traced back to the early Chola period. This dynasty’s first capital was located at Chidambaram, and Shiva in the form of Nataraja was their patron god. When Rajaraja Chola I moved the capital to Thanjavur, he also built a new city and the massive Brihadeeswarar Temple dedicated to Shiva in the early 11th century. This temple has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Chidambaram temple town remained important to the Cholas, even though it faced increasing competition from other temple towns.

Chidambaram Temple Cost Time Location Procedure And Details

Traditions say Lord Vishnu judged a Chidambaram tournament between Lord Siva and Lady Kali. Lord Siva’s earring slipped while dancing vigorously. Lord lifted the ring with one foot and placed it. Kali withdrew from the competition and went to the town boundary, where she remained. Goddess is known as Thillai Kali Amman. Lord saw Nataraja’s cosmic dance here as Govindarajaswamy.

Adi Seshu descended to Earth when Lord Vishnu danced cosmically as Sage Patanjali arrived Thillai to conduct penance. Sage Vyagrapada, a devotee of Lord Siva, penanced to get tiger claws to climb trees and collect Bilwa leaves for the Lord’s prayers. On Thaipoosam, Lord Nataraja danced for them. Lord remained in Thillai for all creatures at their desire.

Temple Timings

  • The morning shift is open from 6:00 AM until 12:00 PM.
  • Evening Hours are from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

To Reach The Temple

  • While traveling by plane, the distance to Tiruchirapalli International Airport is 172 kilometers.
  • The Chidambaram Railway station is linked to different areas of Tamil Nadu and may be reached by train. Chidambaram is located in the middle of the journey that takes daily trains from Chennai to Kumbakonam.
  • By Road, the distance to Temple is 123 kilometers. The distance from Chennai to the Thanjavur Temple is 224 kilometers.

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