Chilakalapudi Panduranga Swamy Temple Pooja History Details

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On September 13, 1929, the devout worshipper Teki Narasimham established this temple. It is claimed that Panduranga, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, appeared at this location. In the city of Pandaripuram, Saint Narasimham was bestowed with the benediction by Sadguru Mahipathi Maharaj. In the line of Panduranga Temples, it occupies the position of second place. The city of Pandaripuram in Maharastra comes in at number one on the list. Poojas at the Chilakalapudi Temple are provided free of charge, and there is no Hundi required for offerings. Patika Bellam was once presented with offerings by devotees (Rock Candy).

During the Karthika Masam, devotees would traditionally bathe in the holy waters at Manginapudi Seashore. During the month of Karthika, which begins on Ekadasi and continues till Purnima, a unique celebration known as Thirunall will be conducted (Full moon day). In the past, devotees would bathe in the water that came from the 12 holy wells that were situated close to Manginapudi beach. It is often said that these 12 Wells stand in representation of India’s 12 holiest rivers.

Chilakalapudi Panduranga Swamy Temple Pooja History Details

This temple will be the location of the Satyanarayana Vratham that will be conducted for the group. It is said that a saint has been doing penance below the Sthala Vruksha for the last three hundred fifty years. Pradakshinam was a ritual that devotees used to undertake for this tree. This location is also well-known by the name Keer Pandaripuram; the word “keer” comes from the Marathi word for a parrot.

The term “parrot” comes from the fact that there were formerly quite large populations of these birds. Within the larger temple complex, there are a total of 108 smaller temples. During Karthika Masam, when people do the Gouri Pooja by purifying themselves in the adjacent sea, the temple would have a lot of visitors.

Timings of the Temple:

The Chilakalapudi Panduranga Swamy Temple Opens at 6.00 clock in the Morning and Closes at 8.00 Clock in the Evening.

Festivals and Sevas:

  • ¬†The Famous Festivals Celebrated in this Temple are Karthika Masam, and Gowri Pooja. Many Devotees visit the Temple at the time of these auspicious Festivals.
  • The Patika Bellam is an offering that worshippers make to the priest, who then brings it to the Lord and places it near his lips. The devotees then get it as a Prasad after the Lord has eaten it.
  • A well-known temple, the Panduranga Swamy Temple can be found at Chilakalapudi, which is located in the Machilipatnam District within the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Sri Bhakta Narasimham was the one responsible for building this temple. The people of Machilipatnam attach a significant amount of spiritual meaning to it.
  • Both the Temple’s Deity and its Garbhagriha are Strikingly Resemblant to Those of the Pandaripur Temple.
  • In the presence of the Lord, an idol of Sri Abhayanjaneya Swami, who is an incarnation of Lord Hanuman, has been installed.
  • This temple will have a festival every year in the month of Kartika, which is the tenth month of the Hindu calendar.

The Modes Of Transport To Reach The Temple

  • The airport that is closest to the city is called Gannavaram Airport. It may be reached from the city of Vijayawada by traveling a distance of 17.9 kilometers.
  • Along the route to Machilipatnam, the distance from there is 67.9 kilometers. Between the two cities of Vijayawada and Machilipatnam, there are taxi and bus services available.
  • To go to Machilipatnam Railway Station from Vijayawada Railway Station, you may take a train from Vijayawada Railway Station. Machilipatnam is around 80 kilometers away and may be accessed by rail from there.
  • The Pandit Nehru Bus Station in Vijayawada serves as the departure point for buses that go to Machilipatnam. It is 67.9 kilometers away by car from there.
  • Between the two cities of Vijayawada and Machilipatnam, there are taxi and bus services available.

Chilakalapudi Panduranga Swamy Temple Pooja History Details

The Sri Rukmini Panduranga Swamy Temple has gained a lot of notoriety across India. One of the most well-known and historically significant temples can be found in Pandari, which is located in the state of Maharashtra, and the other can be found in Chilakalapudi, which is located in Bandar, Andhra Pradesh, on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The Chilakalapudi Sri Panduranga Swamy temple is the most historically significant and largest Sri Panduranga Swamy temple in all of India. The form that Lord Sri Maha Vishnu takes on is contingent on the circumstances of the world.

According to the chronicles that detail the history of this temple. Teki Narasimham was a devout follower of Sri Panduranga Swamy who is said to have offered a significant act of penance at this location to Lord Panduranga Swamy. Because of his prayers, Sri Panduranga Swamy is able to be appeased and present himself at this place. There is a shrine in this temple that has a Sahastralinga Kailasa mandapam, which consists of one thousand Shiva lingams.

This shrine gives the devotees the impression that their two eyes are insufficient to perceive the glory of one thousand Shiva lingams. It is possible to witness many different kinds of idols in this place, such as Veerabhadra Swamy, Yamadharma raja, Markhandeya, and Lord Vigneswara. In addition to the temple, there are 108 distinct shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses, including Lord Hanuman, Sri Rukmini Devi, Satyabhama Devi, and other deities. Devotees such as Bhakta Tukaram also have their own shrines.

Contact Details

  • ¬†Address: 55W5+9F2, Chilakalapudi, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh 521002
  • 094402 16557
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