Cutting Banana Tree For Marriage To Remove Kuja Dosha

Know More Briefly About The Cutting Banana Tree For Marriage To Remove Kuja Dosha, Cost, Mantram, Location, And Other Info Are Given

  • The Pooja timing ranges from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Pooja Cost: Rs.12,000
  • This particular Pooja is being carried out by a total of 2 priests at the moment.
  • The bride and groom are each going to have a head wash after the wedding.
  • Thus they are each needed to bring one fresh set of clothes with them in addition to the one set of clothes they will wear during the ceremony.

Cutting Banana Tree For Marriage To Remove Kuja Dosha

Why Banana Tree/Kadali/Arka/Kumba Marriage?

  • The wedding was postponed for an inordinate amount of time.
  • A premature divorce
  • According to the Chart, there was a second union.
  • Unanticipated illness or demise of a spouse.

How Can I Tell If a Marriage on the Chart Is a Banana Tree Relationship?

  • If the birth chart has a dosha that is considered to be incompatible with getting married, then this Pooja will not be performed. 
  • In a birth chart, some examples of these sorts of pairings are Rahu with Sukra, Rahu with Budhan, and Rahu with Shani with Sukra.
  • It is said that this Dosh might bring about the untimely demise of a lover.

Kumba Vivaham Procedure:

  • Kumbam is a Hindu ceremony that is performed to perform marriages.
  • After placing the Kumbam on top of the rice, the dish is then covered with a cloth and adorned with flowers and mango leaves.
  • Place the Golden Idol of Vishnu, which is rather little, into the liquid. 
  • After the ceremony, the water will either be let out into the river or the Pushkarini and Kumbam will be dissolved in the water, which will result in the pot breaking when it is strained out of the water.
  • You have the option of either giving away the dress that the bride will wear on her wedding day or discarding it in a body of water, such as the river or the Pushkarini.
  • The Vishnu Idol has to be handed over to the Brahmin since it is a requirement.
  • There will be a period of inactivity between the bride and groom (Kumbam) until they come to a conclusion about how to settle the Kumbam.

Cutting Banana Tree For Marriage To Remove Kuja Dosha

Arka Vivaham;

  • Performing the marriage with Erukkam Madar and White Madar in addition to Jilledu Chettu, which is also known as Giant Milkweed, Crown Flower, Giant Calotrope, Arka, and Jilledu.
  •  Due to the fact that the Groom has the Kalathra Dosha, this Pooja is almost exclusively conducted for him.
  • This Dosha has the potential to bring about an untimely death for the companion.
  •  It is strongly suggested that a Pooja be performed, as well as consultation with an astrologer, in advance of the actual wedding ceremony itself.

Banana tree Marriage Puja (Kadali Vivaham):

  • Having the wedding ceremony underneath the Banana Tree, and then chopping the tree down once the wedding is over. 
  • The Mangalsutra will be presented to the Brahmin when all is said and done.
  •  This marriage will adhere to the standard procedures that are required for marriages and will be carried out in the same way.
  • In the end, this banana tree will be cut down, and the branches will be thrown into the Pushkarini, which is a flowing river.

In which temples will the Kadali, Kumba, or Arka Vivaham be held?

  • This Pooja cannot be performed inside a temple because of its link to the Dosha Nivaran.
  • This connection prevents the Pooja from being performed inside a temple.
  • Only deeds performed outside of the temple itself are eligible for consideration.

Pooja Benefits:

  • Because of this, the dosha that was brought on by the second marriage is eliminated.
  • It is possible that by doing this Pooja, one would be able to minimize the influence that the Kalathra Dosha has on their life.
  • Dosha that was brought about as a result of the passing away or illness of the spouse is removed.

When would you consider to be the most opportune time to perform this Pooja?

In light of the fact that an astrologer will be able to advise you on the most favorable periods for carrying out the activity in question, it is in your best interest to seek out their assistance about this topic. 

In all other circumstances, you may choose to consult the Panchangam in order to select auspicious dates that coincide with customary wedding dates.

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