Dhanurmasam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Items Samagri List at Home

Know the details about the Dhanurmasam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Items Samagri List at Home. Dhanurmasam Pooja Vidhanam, Dhanurmasam Pooja


Dhanurmasam is the month that starts when the Sun moves into Sagittarius and ends when the Sun moves into Capricorn on the day of Bhogi. From the Vaishnava point of view, this is the best month. In Vaishnavism, special pujas are done every day of the month. During this month, Godadevi’s poem “Thiruppavai” is read out loud. During this month, Tiruppavai is read instead of Suprabhata at the temple of Tirumala Srivenkateswara Swamy, which is the Vaikuntha of the Kali Yuga. During this lucky Dhanur month, Lord Vishnu should be worshipped as “Madhusudan.” For the first 15 days of daily worship, an offering of Pulagam or Chekarapongali should be made, and for the next 15 days, an offering of Dadhyodana should be made. During Dhanurmasam, cow dung-water should be sprinkled in front of the house, and beautiful mugs should be made from rice flour.

Dhanurmasam Pooja Vidhanam Telugu Items Samagri List at Home

Dhanurmasam Pooja:

People say that one day of Dhanurmasa pooja during the Brahmi muhurtha, Punya Kaal, or Maha Punya Kaal is the same as 1000 years of daily pooja. The most holy naivedya for Lord Vishnu is Pongal (in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh) or Mudganna (in Karnataka, this is called Huggi). Basil is another thing that is better and more important to give to the Lord. “Uttama” means a prayer that is done early in the morning while the stars are still visible in the sky. If the stars are gone, it is “Madhyama.” Puja performed after Soorya Udaya, is ‘not Dhanurmasa Puja’. This is just a regular Puja.

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Lord Sri Surya, who is the real Lord, moves through the twelve signs, beginning with Aries. “Dhanurmasam” starts when the Dvadashatma, Aditya, moves into the sign of Sagittarius on his divine journey. It lasts until the sun moves into the sign of Makara, which is the day before Makara Sankranti, or Bhogi. During these months, “Dhanurmasavrat” should be done. Sage Narada is said to have been the first person who Brahma told about Dhanurmasam. Dhanurmasa vrata is mentioned, Mahatmya Brahmanda, Bhagavata is found in Aditya Puranas and Narayana Samhita.

Dhanurmasam Pooja Vidhanam:

  1. Those who want to do the Vrat but don’t have gold or silver should make a Sri Maha Vishnu idol out of as much panchalohala or copper as they can and put it on the pujapeeth.
  2. “Madhusudana” is how you should talk to Vishnu.
  3. Every day, one must wake up five hours before sunrise, do the rituals, wash the head, do the Nitya Pujas and Sandhyavandanams, and then follow the Dhanurmasa Vrata.
  4. Cow’s milk, coconut water, and Panchamrita should be used to anoint Madhusudhanaswamy. This is best done with a conch.
  5. Shastravachan says that one should put abhisheka dravya and abhishekam in the conch shell.
  6. Then Swami should be worshipped with Ashtottara Shatanamas and Sahasranamas, using Tulsi leaves and different kinds of flowers.
  7. For the first two weeks, you should offer either “chekkara pongali” or “pulagam,” which are both made with rice and gramme flour. After that, “Dadhyodanam” should be given as a gift every fifteen days.
  8. One should bow down after giving Dhupa, Dipa, Dakshina, and Tambulas.
  9. In Vrindavan, it is important to worship both Madhusudhanaswamy and Tulsi.
  10. This whole month should be spent reading and listening to Vishnu Purana and Vishnu Gathas and going to Vaishnavalayas.
  11. So, the best way to keep the Dhanurmasa Vrata is to do it every day for the whole Dhanurmasam.
  12. Those who can’t do it after months of trying should practise for 15, 8, 6, 4, or at least one day.
  13. So, the best way to keep the Dhanurmasa Vrata is to do it every day for the whole Dhanurmasam.

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