Diwali Nomu Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha Telugu Online

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Deepavali is one of the most recognised holidays in the nation. This event is celebrated differently across the country’s states. The Diwali holiday is observed in accordance with the state’s traditions, culture, and history. In the southern Indian states, the Deepavali festival is observed for two days. The first day is known as Nomulu, while the second day is known as Diwali. The first day of the Nomulu festival is the most significant day for believers in the South Indian states.

Almost all states, including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu, will celebrate the nomulu festival in the same manner. Those who wish to observe Nomulu shall perform the Lakshmi pooja or the Lakshmi vratham. The devotees would then present prasadam to the Lord. This day will be observed with great dedication by ladies.

Diwali Nomu Pooja Vidhanam Vratha Katha Telugu Online

Diwali Nomu Pooja Vidhanam:

  1. Turmeric and kunkum are used to adorn a silver Kalasha. The water-filled jar contains kunkum, turmeric, and akshathe coin. 
  2. The inner edge of the Kalasha is embellished with betel leaves. On the mouth of the pot, turmeric and kunkum are spread with a coconut. 
  3. Before laying the Kalasha on a dish or tray with uncooked rice, the Rangoli is drawn. The goddess ‘arishinadagauri’ is mounted on a flower-decorated plate, and the couple receives their ‘Kedaragauridaara’ (a sacred thread with 21 knots). 
  4. After the pooja, the female should wrap the thread around her neck with the assistance of her husband, and the man should tie it around his right hand with the assistance of his wife. 
  5. As is customary, we worship the Ganesha statue prior to performing any other puja. For kedara Gowri, we begin with kedara Gowri ashtotthara, offer 21-layered gejje vastra to god, perform ‘Mangalrathri,’ and take kedara Gowri’s blessings. 
  6. In this event, all of the items offered should total 21. During pooja, five varieties of fruit, 21 beetle leaves, and 21 beetle nuts must be maintained.

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Diwali Nomu Vratha Katha Telugu:

Kedareshwara, or Kedara Gowri, is honoured throughout India. This is one of the rituals undertaken by Shiva followers regardless of their caste, creed, or socioeconomic standing. There is a myth around the Kedara. 

Once, Pramatha Gana, a spiritual devotee of Lord Shiva, conducted his pradakshina without including Goddess Parvathi. This enraged the goddess Parvathi, who was subsequently informed by Lord Shiva that, as she has no powers, she was not included in the pradakshina. Goddess Parvathi, dissatisfied with the answer, approached Sage Gauthama and requested a way to become a part of Lord Shiva’s body. 

Then, he requested that she observe this Kedara. The goddess Parvathi then viewed the event with reverence. Lord Shiva bestowed his left arm to him. Since then, this form of Shiva has been revered as “Ardhanaareeshwara.” This became known thereafter as Kedara Gowri. The Kedara Gowri Vratha festival is observed on Ashweeja amavasya. This Vratha is carried out by a pair.

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