Free Luggage Counters Lockers PAC Booking in Tirumala

Know the latest details about Free Luggage Counters Lockers PAC Booking in Tirumala, Free Luggage Counters in Tirumala Online Booking

Free Luggage Counters Lockers PAC in Tirumala:

The Pilgrim Assistance Centres (PACs), which are proving to be an incredible help to the pilgrims who were unable to find lodging in Tirumala, especially on the weekends, the PACs give refuge to an average of around 6,000 people each day.

These PAC services are provided at no cost to the pilgrims, and the pilgrims may store their belongings, including their baggage and other items, in the provided lockers. The Pilgrims will each get a key for their own personal locker. Once you have arrived at any PAC, you will be able to apply for, take, and use a free locker in order to store your baggage. 

Free Luggage Counters Lockers PAC Booking in Tirumala

Free Luggage Counters Lockers PAC Booking:

There is no option to book Tirumala PAC luggage lockers yet.

You are welcome to use any of the facilities in the centre for free, including the bathrooms, showers, and other amenities. Only the PAC has lockers available for patrons. The lockers are not available for online booking at this time. On a first-come, first-served basis, it will be allocated depending on the availability of the resource. It is essential that you do not get lockers from any other persons or companies than TTD.

  • When it comes to hours, the PAC Centres are open round the clock.
  • Tirumala’s several points of access to the PACs
  • Tirumala is home to not one but two PACs. The first one is referred to as PAC 1 and is located right next to the Central reception office CRO office. The second PAC may be found on the road that leads to the NGC cottages, which is also known as PAC 2.
  • Both Tirumala and Tirupati provide TTD Free Luggage Depositing Centres for travellers’ convenience. The PACs are a secure location for storing all of your stuff.

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Cost of PAC:

A pilgrim may get a free locker after making a caution deposit of Rs. 500. After the Locker Lock has been returned to the staff, this money will be repaid to the customer.

You are able to keep your stuff in Tirumala at the PAC I and PAC II facilities, which can accommodate a variety of things, including electrical devices and other types of materials. This locker may be locked with your own lock if you want to use it. Because electronic items are not permitted inside the Darshan Line, they must be placed in one of the Lockers instead.

Locations of PAC’s:

Pilgrims Amenities Centres Tirumala, PAC I is located next to C.R.O (Central Reception Office Tirumala), while PAC II may be found on the path that leads to GNC cottage.

Centres for the Convenience of Pilgrims Tirupati, Srinivasam Complex (Located Directly Across from the Tirupati Bus Station), and Vishnu Nivasam (Walkable from Tirupati Railway Station).

The PACs are a place where pilgrims may clean themselves up. In addition, the offering of hair may be done here.

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