Guruvayur Darshan Open Closing Timings Today Status

Know the latest details about the Guruvayur Darshan Open Closing Timings Today Status, Guruvayur Darshan Open Timings Today

Guruvayur temple:

Guruvayur Temple is a Hindu temple in Guruvayur, Kerala, India. It is dedicated to Vishnu in the form of Guruvayurappan. It is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is also called Bhuloka Vaikunta (Vaikuntha in the earthly realm).

The main god of the Guruvayur Temple is Guruvayurappan, who is Vishnu in the form of Krishna. A standing Vishnu with four arms holds a conch called Panchajanya, a discus called Sudarshana, a mace called Kaumodaki, and a lotus with a tulsi garland around it. This piece of art shows Vishnu in the form he showed Krishna’s parents, Vasudeva and Devaki, when Krishna was born.

Most of the time, Guruvayur Temple is written as Guruvayoor Temple. It is a temple to Krishna and one of the five most important KrishnaVishnu temples in India. Guruvayoor is called “Bhuloka Vaikunta,” which means “Vishnu’s home on earth.”

Guruvayur Darshan Open Closing Timings Today Status

Guruvayur Darshan Open and Closing Timings:

People can go to the Guruvayoor Temple darshan from 3:00 am to 21:15 pm. During festivals like Ulsavam (Annual Festival), Vishu, Vaishaka, Ashtami Rohini, and Kuchela’s Day, the times for Darshan may change. The darshan usually takes an hour, but on Sunday, when there are a lot of devotees, this time may be extended to two or three hours.

Rudratheertham is the pond or tank on the north side of the temple. Myth says that Lord Shiva took a bath on the south side of this pond for a very long time. Rudratheertham is the name of the pond because Shiva is also known as “Rudra.”

Guruvayur Mahatmyam: a story from the past

Legend has it that Janamejaya did a sacrifice to kill all the snakes in the world, including Takshaka, who killed his father Parikshit. Hundreds of thousands of snakes fell into the fire and died, but a Brahmin named Astika stopped the sacrifice before Takshaka was killed.

Janamejaya got leprosy because he was responsible for the deaths of millions of snakes. He gave up on getting better. Sage Atreya, son of Atri, came to Janamejaya one day and told him to seek refuge at Guruvayur at the feet of Krishna. Atreya told him that in the Guruvayur temple, Shri Hari shines brightest and Vishnu blesses everyone who worships there. He went there right away and prayed to the god of Guruvayur for the next ten months. 

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At the end of ten months, he was still healthy, so he told the astrologer that he was wrong. The astrologer told him that he would have a mark on his left leg where a snake had bitten him. He only didn’t die because he was in a temple at the time where Anantha was there. Anantha was the brother of the God at Guruvayur, where he had just finished praying.

After that, the king decided to build a real temple at Guruvayur. Over time, this temple became less important and poor. This happened when the Perumals were in charge of Kerala. Most of the rulers of Perumal were Shaivites, and they didn’t visit Vaishnavite shrines. Their support went to the Shiva temple in Mammiyur. When the royal support moved to the Shiva temple, the people who went there to worship also moved there. So, the Guruvayur temple fell to the lowest level of poverty. 

But one day, a holy man went to the Mammiyur temple to get food and a place to sleep. Even though the temple was rich, the people in charge acted like they had nothing and told him to go to the Guruvayur temple instead. When the holy man walked into the temple grounds, a Brahmin boy greeted him with kindness and fed him a lot. The religious leader was very happy, and he said a blessing. According to the story, the fortunes of the Mammiyur Siva temple started to get worse, while those of the Guruvayur Vishnu temple got better and better.

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