Guruvayur Temple Marriage Halls Rate Online Bookings Details

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Marriage at the Guruvayur Temple The Guruvayur temple is widely regarded as the premier location for Hindu weddings in the state of Kerala. The Lord Sree Krishna Temple at Guruvayur is the location of choice for many Hindu couples when it comes time to exchange vows. Typically, only the most important rituals, such as solemnizing the wedlock and exchanging tulsi garlands, are performed in the Guruvayur temple Kalyana mandapam.

Other rituals are performed in the Guruvayur Wedding Halls which are located close to the temple. We will make all of the necessary preparations for your marriage in the Guruvayur temple, including the booking of the Guruvayur Temple marriage, the locating of appropriate marriage halls, the scheduling of marriage timings, and the registration of the Guruvayur marriage. In the Indian state of Kerala, Madhya refers to a collection of vegetarian foods that are customarily served on banana leaves.

Guruvayur Temple Marriage Halls Rate Online Bookings Details

We provide a wide variety of alternatives for you to choose your own personalized menu from our extensive selection for your wedding reception. We are able to provide catering services for any kind of wedding event as well as private gatherings. Within and close to Guruvayur is where you may get our incredibly delectable and high-quality meal delivery service. When it comes to the process of organizing a wedding, selecting the wedding venues or Kalyana mandapam may be one of the most formative choices that you make. However, you need to make a selection that is intelligent when selecting a banquet hall for your wedding.

It is necessary for you to reserve the wedding location taking into consideration the color scheme, the cost, and the number of guests. is geared at simplifying and expediting the venue booking process for its customers.

We are able to provide direct access to the most prominent locations in Guruvayur, such as the marriage halls located inside hotels in the area, independent wedding halls, and even some wedding residences. Therefore, is the best option for you to choose when deciding where to have your event.

 Marriage Halls Requirements:

  • The Poonthanam AC Auditorium will cost you Rs.40,000 for the whole day, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • The Poonthanam AC Auditorium would cost Rs.25,000 for the time period of 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm (on the same day).
  • The cost of renting the Poonthanam Air-Conditioned Auditorium, the Vrindavanam Hall, the kitchen area, as well as three Non-Air-Conditioned Rooms and two Air-Conditioned Rooms from 5:00 pm to 3:00 pm the next day is Rs.80,000.
  • The price of booking the Ambadi Non-AC Hall from 5:00 pm to 3:00 pm the next day is Rs. 15,000.
  • The cost of staying in Narayaneeyam Ac Hall and Dining from 5:00 pm to 3:00 pm the next day is   Rs.18,000.
  • The two-bed air-conditioned room cost Rs. 800.
  • The price for a room with two beds and no air conditioning is 500 rupees.

It is recommended to make reservations for marriage halls six months in advance. The aforementioned prices are subject to change at any time and without previous notification.

For more information contact, 80780 51965.

In the function halls, both the pre-wedding and the post-wedding rituals may be carried out. The ritual of Thalikettu will take place inside the temple. The cost of Thalikettu was Rs. 500 for each couple. Due to the fact that there are only three levels, a prior appointment is needed.

The Mantra is then chanted when the Bride and Groom are welcomed up onto the stage by the purohit. The bridegroom then ties the knot, and the newlyweds exit the stage to make space for the next couple to be married. Guruvayur Temple Marriage Halls Rate Online Bookings Details

Guruvayur Temple Marriage Halls Rate:

    Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c)
Full Day
    Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c) (For cultural programmes)
9 am To 5 pm
    Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c) (For cultural programmes)
5 pm To 9 pm
    Ambadi Hall – Non A/c
(5 pm To Next Day 3 pm)
    Narayaneeyam Hall – A/c
(5 pm To Next Day 3 pm)

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