Guruvayur Temple Wedding Package Booking Procedure Cost

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It is well acknowledged that Guruvayoor is one of the holiest towns in India. The magnificent Sree Krishna Temple that can be seen in this city is considered to be one of the 108 holy Vishnu temples in the world. The city and Kochi are located around 102 kilometres apart from one another.

There are a few tourist attractions located here, in addition to the religious importance of this location .More than 5 million worshippers visit the Guruvayoor Temple every year, making it one of the biggest and most well-known temples in Kerala on a national level. Lord Vishnu, as Sree Krishna, is the supreme god .

Guruvayur Temple Wedding Package Booking Procedure Cost

The following provides specifics on the Guruvayur wedding package, including cost and availability information.

  • For reservations at Thalikettu, the cost is 500 rupees for each individual.
  • Thalikettu The business day begins at 6:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. It is up to the bride and groom alone to make all of the necessary preparations for the wedding day and time.
  • There is a private ritual known as the Marriage Dias that may run anywhere from five to 10 minutes and only involves the bride, the groom, and the priest in attendance.
  • During this time period, you will be able to shoot images and films, but there will be a cost associated with doing so.
  • Photos of the bride and groom must be included in the photocopies submitted with the marriage registration. It is important to keep in mind that Devaswom is not the location where the marriage licence is issued.
  • This temple exclusively officiates Hindu marriages that have been prearranged.
  • Because there are no banquet halls on the premises of the temple, the pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities are required to take place at a location outside of the temple.
  • Formal clothes is expected of both the groom and the bride to wear during the ceremony and reception of a wedding.

    Guruvayur Temple Wedding Package Booking Procedure Cost

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to call us at the following number: 80780 51965.
Wedding Packages with Everything Included in Guruvayur, India Absolutely No Extras Included in the Wedding Packages
1. Purohit
2. Decorations for the Wedding Reception .The Price of the Reception Hall
Snack, breakfast, lunch, and supper catering are the four different sorts of services offered by caterers.
Positioning of the Six Chairs
Participation in Seven Ceremonies Prior to and Immediately Following the Wedding 8 Nadaswaram
There will be nine Homams done, in addition to any additional rites that may be required.
Packages for weddings and Thalikettus need to be reserved in advance owing to a limited number of available locations.

Between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon, the reception hall and the rooms are available to be rented out.

Making bookings ninety to one hundred and twenty days in advance is highly advised.

The hall has space for between fifty and Five Hundred.

Guruvayur And Its Relation With Lord Krishna

According to Hindu legend, while Krishna was living in his fortress on the fictitious island of Dwarka, he often worshipped an idol of Lord Vishnu. Even though, Krishna was well aware that his regal island would be flooded by the time he had died away. He ordered the Deva Guru (also known as the Heavenly Saint Brihaspati) and the Vayu Deva (also known as the Wind God) to carry his most treasured idol from Dwarka to a new site so that it might continue to be worshipped by devotees.

As Dwarka was being submerged, the Lord commanded Guru and Vayu to retrieve the deity and transport it to a secure place. They were drawing nearer to the sacred ground where they planned to place the idol. There was a Shiva temple there previously, thus it wasn’t feasible to put the statue there. Lord Shiva appeared shortly after Guru’s prayer and agreed to have his temple moved from the sacred site to make way for the placement of the celestial idol. Guru and Vayu set up the idol and constructed the temple to honour it, therefore the area became known as Guruvayur.

There is a newer, bigger Shiva temple at Mammiyur, therefore the older one was relocated there.Guruvayur was a royal shrine during the time of the Zamorin in Kozhikode. When the British seized Malabar, the shrine was transferred to a private trust. The temple’s titular head of state, the Zamorin, and his position as Chief Priest were both known for their unwavering commitment to temple dogma. British authorities managed the trust. This directly led to an increase in the severity and harshness of caste and creed-based discrimination. Keralans at large started raising their voices in the 1930s in favour of racial harmony and other progressive causes.

Simultaneously, a huge group of representatives assembled at the Temple entrance to protest caste inequality in temple admission. They were successful in 1931 in having the temple closed. A group of rebels soon stormed the temple and took control, putting an end to centuries of segregation based on social status.

When the Madras Presidency took control of the temple, they also promised to open it up to people of all castes and creeds within the Hindu faith. In the 1930s, Kerala was a caste-based society, but this event triggered the beginning of a social revolution. Guruvayur Devasom, an agency under the control of the Government of Kerala, is now in charge of the temple (a semi-constitutional temple trustee body). There is a strict dress code that everyone must follow, and non-Hindus are not allowed at all.

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