Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Entry fees Tour Package

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The Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary may be found in the region of the Western Ghats which includes Pollachi, Valparai, and Udumalaipettai. It spans an elevation of 1,400 meters. The total size of the sanctuary is 958 square kilometers, only 387 of which are located within the Tiruppur district. Inside the Tiruppur district may be found the Amaravthy Reserve Forest, in addition to a portion of the Anaimalai Reserve Forest that is part of the Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is home to a wide variety of animals and birds, including the likes of elephants, gaurs, tigers, panthers, sloth bears, deer, wild bears, wild dogs, porcupines, flying squirrels, jackals, pangolins, civet cats, and birds with names like rocket-tailed drongos, re-whiskered bulbuls, black headed orioles, tree pies, spotted doves, and green Crocodiles may be seen in plenty at the reservoir known as Amaravathy, which is located in the Anamalais.

There are also a great number of locations of scenic beauty, such as grass hills, waterfalls, river streams, teak woods, dams, and reservoirs. They may be found all across the region.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Entry fees Tour Package

This sanctuary is situated at an elevation that is 2,400 meters higher than the surrounding sea level. This protected area for animals has a total area of 108 square kilometers. Among the Annamalai hill ranges is where you’ll find Topslip, which is situated at an elevation of 240 meters above mean sea level.

The visitors may take an elephant ride if they so want. Due to safety concerns, two-wheeled vehicles are not permitted anywhere within the Sanctuary. Within Sanctuary, four-wheelers are permitted to be driven. A journey through the Sanctuary may also be taken in one of the various Forest Vehicles. The year 1989 marked the beginning of the tenure of this region as a national park.

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The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of animals, including Indian Bison, Elephants, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Langur Monkeys, Sambar, Pangolin, Peacocks, and Nilgiris Tahr, which may be seen on a regular basis. In addition to the lion-tailed macaque and bonnet macaque, there are also Nilgiris langurs, Malabar gigantic squirrels, and Grizzled giant squirrels in this area

.It is recommended to pay a visit to the Sanctuary in the early morning hours so that there is a better chance of seeing creatures such as deer, bison, hornbills, and elephants. In this refuge, seeing a tiger is an uncommon occurrence.

Trekking Into Forest
Only for a period of four hours and accompanied by a tour guide is a trekking permit. The fee of the hike was Rs. 70 for each individual participant.

There are plans in place for visitors to explore the refuge either on the back of an elephant or in a vehicle. In order to stroll around the park, you are required to have a Park Guide accompany you at all times. For a fee of INR 70 per person, you are permitted to wander through the park for a maximum of four hours.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary Entry fees Tour Package

Indira Gandhi Entry fees and Parking Charges 

Entry ForTicket cost
1 personRs.30/-
Chil ( 5 – 10 years)Rs.10/-
Still CameraRs.80
Video CameraRs.300
Light Motor VehiclesRs.100
Heavy Motor VehiclesRs.200

Available Transport To Indira Gandhi :

By Air, While traveling by plane, the closest airport is located in Coimbatore, which is around 75 kilometers away.

By Train, If you are traveling by train, the closest train station is located in Pollachi, which is around 35 kilometers away.

By Road, You can get here from both Coimbatore and Pollachi if you use the road. The one and only direct bus service that operates from this location.


Wildlife Warden

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

365/1, Meenkarai Road

Pollachi, Ph 04259-225356

At Coimbatore.

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