Iruppu Falls Karnataka Entry Fee Timings Best Time Visit

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Iruppu Falls is one of the top tourist sites in South India, as well as the greatest spot in Coorg and a renowned hiking site in Karnataka. This is due to the abundance of treasures that can be found at this location. It is a cascading waterfall that cascades down the Bramhagiri hills, which are located in the Coorg region of Karnataka and are tucked among the forests. Iruppu Falls is sometimes referred to as the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls since the tributary of River Cauvery from which it flows has the same name. Lakshmana Tirtha.

Pilgrims, who revere the location due to its significance in the Ramayana mythology, are also drawn there in large numbers. Anyone who takes a plunge in the water of Lakshmana Tirtha Falls is said to have their sins cleansed if they believe the water has supernatural qualities. This is a common belief among locals. It is a sought-after refuge for nature lovers and vacationers from various regions of the nation due to the paradise-like natural surroundings and the unusual species that can be seen in the area close to the waterfalls.

Iruppu Falls Karnataka Entry Fee Timings Best Time Visit

In addition to being an excellent place for hiking, the Iruppu Falls is known for its roaring stream. After a strenuous hike, if you sit down and put your feet in the water at the base of the falls, you will feel a sense of relief and revitalization that will allow you to break free from the stresses of everyday life.

You may have the finest hiking experience possible at Iruppu Falls if you take the time to properly organize your excursion. According to a legend that dates back to the period of the Ramayana, when Rama and Lakshman were on their way to find Sita, they reached this location and Lakshman constructed this fall by throwing an arrow into the water to quench Rama’s thirst. It is a common belief that if one takes a holy bath during this season, their sins would be cleansed.

On the day of Sivaratri, thousands upon thousands of worshippers bathe. The height of these waterfalls, in feet, is around sixty. Located in the Brahmagiri hill range is a series of waterfalls. This fall occurs year after year and contributes to the picturesque attractiveness of the area.

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Trekking, which may be one of the most joyful experiences for everyone, can be more enjoyable when combined with the rushing water and rich vegetation of the surrounding mountains. The entryway also has a shrine dedicated to Rama.

  • Distance from Bengaluru: 255 km.
  • Distance from Mysuru: 119 km.

Entry Fee

  •  50 per person
  •  10 for Vehicle Parking Fee

Places nearby Iruppu Falls

  • Nagarahole Tiger park
  • Madikeri
  • Tala Kaveri.
  • Dubare Elephant camp
  • Mysore Palace.

Iruppu Falls Karnataka Entry Fee Timings Best Time Visit

Mon6 am – 6 pm
Tue6 am – 6 pm
Wed6 am – 6 pm
Thu6 am – 6 pm
Fri6 am – 6 pm
Sat6 am – 6 pm
Sun6 am – 6 pm

Best Time Visit Iruppu Falls

  • Irupu Falls is open for tourists to see at any time of the year. No matter what time of year you go, the breathtaking natural beauty of the waterfalls is certain to captivate and enchant you.
  • Plan your trip during the rainy season or after the monsoon if you want to see its magnificence at its absolute peak. Generally speaking, the months of August through January are the busiest for tourism, but the best time to go is from September through December.
  • Since the falls are accessible through the Brahmagiri Hills, visitors to the area are required to purchase an admission ticket before entering the forest region. In addition to that, there is sufficient room for parking. The very act of traveling through the forest is an experience in and of itself.
  • No tourist would want to miss out on the experience of traversing the thick vegetation while listening to the sounds of birds singing and rushing water. Even our Coorg Honeymoon packages come with a dash of excitement because to the fact that the surrounding regions are ideal for hiking and exploring on foot.

Contact And Address

  • Iruppu Falls Coorg
  • Kurchi, Coorg,
  • Karnataka, 571250, India

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