Kangundi Fort Kuppam Entry Fee Transport History

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Kangundi Zameendarrs dominated the region around Kuppam from the year 1066 AD till the year 1950 AD. There is a historical site named Kangundi that is located 11 kilometres away from Kuppam. Kangundi is home to a fort, and it was from this location that the Zameendars dominated the region. They were known as the Kangundi Zameendars at that time. The Zameendars system was established in around 360 villages by approximately 28 rulers. All of the Zameendars had to confine their lives within the Kangundi fort until the system was eliminated.

The Kangundi Fort may be found 120 kilometres southwest of Chittoor. A cave may be found about halfway up the mountain that is full of the horns and bones of cattle. On the picturesque path between Kuppam and Vijalapuram is where you’ll find Kangundi Fort. From Kuppam, it is around 16 kilometres away. The remains of the Kangundi Fort, which date back to the 11th century, are the primary attractions at this destination. On the highest point of the hill is a temple that, during the Hindu holiday of Shivratri, has a special pooja to honour the deity. People not just from the immediate community but also from the towns and villages in the surrounding area attend this festival.

Kangundi Fort Kuppam Entry Fee Transport History

Tirupati: The historic Kangundi fort located close to Kuppam is on the cusp of regaining its former glory as a result of the massive reconstruction of the hill fort that is over a thousand years old and the creation of facilities to attract more tourists. These two projects are moving forward at a rapid pace.

It was from this location that as many as 28 rulers of the Kambi Nayudu dynasty located at Kangundi governed the Kuppam territory uninterruptedly from the year 1026 until 1947, which is when zamindari was finally abolished after independence. The strong fort that was present during the golden age that lasted for a thousand years and was part of the Kambi Nayudu dynasty, who ruled over a kingdom that included a large territory and stretched all the way to Bethamangala in the state of Karnataka.

Kambi Naidu, the great-grandson of Malli Nayudu, a Palegar of Pyapli in the Kurnool district, built the fort. Malli Nayudu migrated to Maharajagar near Krishnagiri (TN) near Kuppam along with his family, paraphernalia, and troops, and later moved to Kangundi. Kambi Naidu was the great-grandson of Malli Nayudu. While on a trip for hunting, Nayudu was taken aback when he saw the steep hill that was encircled by a very thick forest

. Impressed by the hill’s location and the strategic benefits it offered, Nayudu made the decision to make this spot his permanent residence. After the building of a powerful fort and mantapams for the dwelling of the royal family as well as the court, he moved to the region and established a hamlet farther down the hill.

Kambi Nayudu gave the village of Kangundi its name in honour of the Yanadi tribal couple Kangi and Kanga, also known as Irulas, who assisted Kambi Nayudu in retracing his steps after he became lost in the dense forest while on a hunting expedition. Kangi and Kanga helped Nayudu find his way back to the village after he had become disoriented. Anyone who visits the fort and the hill region is sure to be awestruck by the incredible structures, temples, caverns, natural tunnels, and uncommon fascinating rock formations that can be found there. The residents of the area claim that some of the tunnels stretched for more than a kilometre, and the countless caverns that are scattered all over the practically vertical mound are absolutely breathtaking

Kangundi Fort Kuppam Entry Fee Transport History

Entry fees: Free entry for all visitors.

Visiting Hours:

8 am to 6 pm. Daily.

Available Transport To Kangundhi Fort Kuppam

  • Tirupati and Chittoor are both accessible by the direct bus that travels to Kuppam.
  • Fort is located 16 kilometres (km) distant from the town of Kuppam.
  • The Kuppam train station is the one that is the most convenient.
  • Trains departing directly from Tirupati, Bengaluru, and a number of other significant cities are available.
  • The airport that is closest to you is located in Bangalore, which is 170 kilometres away.
  • 207 kilometres separate you and the Tirupati airport.

Best Time to visit:

  • Nov-Sep
  • ┬áJan, May and Jun months.

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