Karnataka Pravasi Soudha in Tirumala Rooms Booking Online

Know the latest news about Karnataka Pravasi Soudha in Tirumala Rooms Booking Online, Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Rooms in Tirumala Booking Online

Tirumala Karnataka Pravasi Soudha:

Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Tirumala is a choultry that was built by the government of Karnataka to help pilgrims from Karnataka who are going to Tirumala by giving them a place to stay and other services. This event is called Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Tirumala. Find out how to make an online reservation for a Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Tirumala Room. The Department of Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments is in charge of taking care of this chicken coop.

Karnataka Pravasi Soudha in Tirumala Rooms Booking Online

Booking a room at the Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Tirumala:

Residents of Karnataka can go to the KarnatakaOne website to book a place to stay in Tirumala.

  1. According to the rules of the state government, every citizen of Karnataka must show their photo ID card and give their full name, address, and mobile phone number before they can check into their Tirumala hotel.
  2. Karnataka residents can book a room up to two days before they arrive in Tirumala through the state. But keep in mind that you can’t make reservations for the same day, and spot reservations aren’t recommended in the poultry department.
  3. There aren’t many rooms to choose from at the Karnataka Pravasi Soudha. Because of this, pilgrims have to work with the schedules and quotas.
  4. After the pilgrims have paid for their room, a receipt will be made to show that the payment has been received.
  5. This receipt and a copy of the payment will be sent to the pilgrim’s registered email address and cell phone number via SMS.
  6. When looking for a place to stay at Tirumala, pilgrims must bring the original form of ID they were given when they booked a room in the temple complex online.
  7. Unmarried couples are never allowed to stay together at the Karnataka Pravasi Soudha.

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Address of Karnataka Pravasi Soudha Tirumala:

Karnataka Pravasi Soudha, Tirumala Ring Rd, Tirumala, Tirupati – 517504, Opp Tirumala Museum

Think about the following before you go to Tirumala:

  • On the day of darshan, pilgrims must show proof that they have been vaccinated twice or that they have a covid-19 negative certificate that was obtained within the last 72 hours.
  • The purchased TTD darshan ticket can’t be returned for a refund or given to someone else.
  • During your time in the temple, you have to stay away from people, wash your hands at random times, and always wear a mask.

Here is a list of what you should wear when you go to Tirumala:

  • When people go to the temple, they have to dress in the right traditional clothes. Men who want to apply must wear a dhoti or pyjamas and a shirt or uttariya that covers their shoulders completely.
  • Female applicants must wear a saree, a half-saree with a blouse, or Chuddidar pyjamas with an outer garment on top.

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