Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Procedure

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Hindus believe that Karthika Somavaram, which is the Monday of the Karthika masam, is a very lucky day. Even though Mondays are thought to be Lord Shiva’s favorite days, Karthika Somavaram or Karthika Masam Mondays are especially important. Lord Shiva is also called Soma or Someshwara, which means the one who wears a Soma or moon crescent on his hair or head.

By doing Monday rituals, we can tune our consciousness to the higher planes. Monday is set by the moon, which is also in charge of our minds. When you do Monday’s pradosha vratham and meditate on Lord Shiva, you can get a glimpse of the supreme spirit and also reach siddhi.

Karthika Somavaram Pooja Vidhanam Telugu PDF Procedure

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There is a saying in the scriptures that whoever fasts on Mondays until evening, feeds a Brahmin, and then eats the food after looking at the stars will get Lord Shiva’s full grace. When you fast on Mondays, you gain control over your mind and can rise above all of your moods and thoughts. The moon beam on Lord Shiva’s head shows that he is in charge of how the moon moves. This is why he is called Lord Chandrashekara.

Legend of Karthika Somavaram Pooja:

One who follows this vratam will have many pleasures in this world and will reach Kailasham in the end. People say that the moon took part in this Vratam and became “moonlike.” He greeted Lord Gauri and Shankara and asked that this Vratam be called “Somavara Vratam,” which is one of the names for the moon. One of Lord Shiva’s names with Goddess Uma is “Soma,” and whoever follows this Vratam should have their wishes come true by the Lord’s grace and finally be freed, and God grants his wish.

A princess named Seemanthini used to follow this Vratam every day. Then, two young boys came sneakily acting like they were married. The princess thought they were gods. The young boys really turned into a man and a woman. The holy sage Vasishta chose to marry the pure Arundhathi. If you do this vratam in a sincere way, the Shiva-shakti will bless you.

Karthika Somavaram Pooja Procedure:

  • People celebrate Karthika Somavaram Vratham by getting up before sunrise and doing punya snana in a river, pond, or at home.
  • People who love Lord Shiva go to temples to pray to him and do Abhisheka for him.
  • They fast until evening, and then they eat fruits or dinner to break their fast.
  • People also do Rudrabhishekam or Archana and give Lord Shiva bilva patri.
  • Light a diya when the stars are out, light a 1000-wick ghee diya in a Shiva temple, and give a brahmin deepa danam in the evening.
  • Getting the blessings of an old couple is seen as getting the blessings of Parvathi and Parmeshwara.
  • Keeping the Karthika Masam Vratham will help you enjoy many pleasures and get to Kailasham in the end. Lord Shiva gives his blessings and makes wishes come true.
  • It is thought to be very lucky to do Ekadasa Rudra Abhishekam on Karthika Somavaram.
  • Koti Somavaram is a lucky day when the saptami falls on the same day as the Shravana Nakshatra before Karthika Pournami.
  • So, do Karthika Somavaram Vratham to ask Lord Shiva for his blessings.

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