Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Abhishek Timings Online Booking Cost

Know the latest details about the Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Abhishek Timings Online Booking Cost. Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Abhishek Timings and Online Booking cost

The Mahalakshmi Temple (also known as Ambabai Mandir) is a significant Hindu temple devoted to Goddess Lakshmi, who resides here as Supreme Mother Mahalakshmi and is revered by the locals as Ambabai. Goddess Mahalakshmi is Lord Vishnu’s spouse, and Hindus observe a yatra to Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple, and Padmavathi Temple (pilgrimage). It is thought that going to these temples helps attain moksha (salvation).

Upon catching a sight of the temple’s goddess, the gorgeous idol of Goddess Mahalakshmi will leave you unable to tear your gaze away! Yes, but only a glance, as the large crowd present would not allow you to see everything. The age of the idol is estimated to be between 5000 and 6000 years. The crowned goddess’s gemstone idol is mounted on a stone plinth and weighs around 40 kg. The carving of Mahalakshmi in black stone is three feet tall. The ‘Shri Yantra’ is engraved into one of the temple’s walls. A stone lion (the goddess’s vahana) stands behind the statue. The crown bears a picture of Sheshnag, Vishnu’s serpent.

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Abhishek Timings Online Booking Cost

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Abhishek Online Booking cost:

S.NoPooja DetailsRate (Rs.)
1Abhishek Kumkumarchan551
2Mahabhishek – Kumkumarchan751
3Mahabhishek – Kumkumarchan – Saree – Nevadhya1,100.00

Cost of Abhishek based on one’s position in the front row during the Pooja. Only one individual is permitted for Abhishek. Family members, including women, are required to observe but not permitted to participate in the Pooja.

Story behind Kolhapur name:

Goddess Lakshmi, being exceedingly knowledgeable and the wife of the ultimate, did not come to this specific town without a purpose, as Gods and Goddesses do nothing without the intention of bringing benefit to followers or people on earth. In the Puranas, there is an account of a fox-like demon. Fox is the translation of the term ‘Kolha’ into English. The translation of “Pur” as a city or town. According to the tale, there was a location where a river ran. Once upon a time, a demon named Kolhasur appeared. This demon was syphoning water from this river. Thus, the inhabitants were deprived of water. Therefore, they prayed to Goddess Parvati for relief.

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Upon observing this, Goddess Lakshmi feigned a dispute with Lord Vishnu and descended to earth to save her devotees and the citizens of the town. Therefore, she assumed the shape of Mahalakshmi and slew the demon. Before his death, he begged her for forgiveness, which she granted. But his final ambition was to have the place he lived named after him. Thus, the city retains the name ‘Kolhapur’ derived from the demon ‘Kolha’ or ‘Kolhasur’

The goddess Mahalakshmi holds symbolic things in her four hands. The lower right hand holds an Mhatulinga (a citrus fruit); the upper right hand carries a big mace or gadha called the Kaumodaki, with its head facing the ground; the upper left hand has a shield or khetaka; and the lower left hand holds a bowl called the Panpatra. In contrast to the majority of Hindu sacred idols, which face north or east, this deity faces west. Each year, for three days, the face of the statue is illuminated by the setting sun via a small window in the western wall.

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