Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking Price

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One of the Shakti Peethas is the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, which is located near Kolhapur in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The Puranas give a description of this holy site. It is a common belief in this temple that a devotee’s request for Maa Mahalakshmi to fulfil a vow will certainly be granted if she enters with honest intentions. According to popular belief, Lord Vishnu and Shri Mahalakshmi may coexist in this location. At the height of the Chalukya Empire of Kannada, the temple was initially constructed around 700 AD.

The dark rock The temple’s statue of Mahalakshmiji has four hands. The pedestal of the statue is made of black stone as well. The goddess or deity’s four hands are holding priceless objects in each one. It is reported that the crown on his head, which is encrusted in countless ornaments, weighs a total of forty kilogrammes. This crown also has a representation of Lord Vishnu’s Sheshnag snake. In addition, the Shri Yantra has been inscribed on the temple’s stone walls.

Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking Price

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The history of the Mahalaxmi Temple

This is written in Sanskrit on a stone tablet that was formerly a part of Annacharya Panditrao’s home and is now on display in the town corridor museum. The magnificent King Bhojadeva ruled Panhala in 1190 in tranquilly while engaging in stimulating discourse. He took these actions to ensure the prosperity of his kingdom. The nag ling and the yoni, which stand for time, the creator, and the universe, are shown on the crown (the origin of universe)

Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings:

  • Timings for the alankar pooja at the Kolhapur temple are from 1.30 to 2.30 p.m.
  • Pooja Alankar. Salankruti (i.e., Goddess is decorated with lovely Gold jewellery, Sari, and Blouse) This Pooja is done until 8.30 p.m.

Kolhapur Temple Alankar Pooja Timings Online Booking:

Online reservations are not possible for the alankar pooja at the Kolhapur temple. One must visit the temple in order to receive this service.

Temple in Kolhapur: Legends

According to Shaktimatam, in the Srimad Devi Bhagavat Purana, Adi Parasakti refers to himself as “the master of the world, absolute reality, dynamic in feminine form, and constant in male form.”

The goddess Adi Parasakti had aspirations of becoming the “Supreme Being.” She also gave birth to the goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati as well as the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. She was the original creator, destroyer, and observer of the cosmos. She sees herself as a goddess of the natural world.

The Shiva Purana, Devi Mahatmyam, Vishnu Purana, and Shakta Purana are just a few respected ancient books that extol the virtues of Adi Parasakti. At the Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple, Adi Parasakti takes on the role of Mahalaxmi, the consort of Goddess Vishnu.

The Alankar pooja at the temple is open to pilgrims. Visitors are allowed to view the main idol’s Alankar adornment.

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