Krishna Teja Guest House TTD Booking Tirumala Location Phone

Know the details about the Krishna Teja Guest House TTD Booking Tirumala Location Phone, Krishna Teja Guest House TTD Booking Tirumala Location Phone

Tirumala Krishna Teja Guest House 

At the Narayanagiri Garden in Tirumala lies the Krishna Teja Guest House. The Tycoon Reliance Group maintains the Krishna Teja Guest House at Tirumala, which is available for booking by pilgrims. AT THE HOLY PLACE OF TIRUMALA, ONE OF THEIR BEST. The guest house has some of the finest and most exquisitely crafted architecture. A Reliable Place to Stay…

Krishna Teja Guest House TTD Booking Tirumala Location Phone

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Alternatives Guest Houses similar to Tirumala

If you have a schedule in mind, you can book online through the TTD website.

If you have a letter of recommendation, you can travel right immediately to a specific location, such as lodging facilities or guest homes, where you can submit the letter to reserve a room.

The TTD Pilgrim help centres will provide you with precise information. But, if there is a large rush, you may have to wait a while in line to acquire a room, and occasionally they will only begin taking reservations at certain hours.

Here is the official TTD page for accommodations in Tirupati. Accommodations can be found on the TTD website for Tirupati Tirumala.

In Tirupati You Can Find Guest Houses :

You can find Vishnu Nivasam TTD owned after leaving the train station. There is lodging available, as well as SRINIVASAM next to the bus stop. You have the option of making a reservation online, purchasing a room directly from a counter there, or renting a locker to store your belongings while you freshen up. Simply show them a legal form of identification, such as an AADHAR card, a voter ID, or a driver’s licence. In most cases, this will suffice, though occasionally they may request only the AADHAR card. The comes in a variety of price points.

At Tirupati, there are a lot of privately owned hotels and lodges close to the train station, bus stop, and Alipiri.

In Tirumala, are there any private lodging options?

Yes. Nevertheless, those are not hotels or guesthouses owned and operated by businesses, but rather Matams run by different religious Matams, such as Shankaracharya Matam and Sringeri Matam.

When the rooms are free and available, such Matams or religious organisations rent them out to the general public.

These lodgings are on par with hotels and lodges that are operated for profit, if not better.

Below is a list of the major matams that provide lodging at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, just give them a call.

For Mool Mutt.

 You can contact this Phone number: 0877-2277499 

To reach Pushpa Mantapam

 You can contact this Phone number Call 0877-2277301 

Sri Vallabhacharya Jee Mutt.

 You can contact this Phone number Call 0877-2277317 

 Uttaradhi Mutt (Tirupati).

 You can contact this Phone number Call Phone: 0877-2225187, 

To reach Shree Tirumala Kashi Mutt.

You can contact this Phone number 0877-2277316

Which place offers a better stay: Tirupathi or Tirumala?

You can stay at Tirumala if you want to rest up before the darshan and if you want to have a calm mind both before and after the darshan. It goes without saying that T.T.D. Cottages are the most popular type of lodging in Tirumala. As you wait to receive darshan, they provide you the consolation of some quiet time. But, you must reserve the cabins well in advance of your visit. It could be challenging to find one, especially around holidays and festive periods.

On the other hand, there are many of amenities accessible if you decide to stay in Tirupati. One of the several hotels and lodges located here is where you can reside. Also, it would be more accessible to many facilities and practical for a sightseeing trip stay.

For your information, the drive to Tirumala by vehicle or bus from the starting location only takes 30 to 40 minutes.

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