Kubera Pashupatha Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

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When Lord Kubera, also known as the Lord of Riches, has to be appeased, a sacrifice known as the Kubera Pashupatha Homam is performed. The Kubera Pashupatha homam is an important ritual that should be performed by anybody who is having trouble making ends meet, who is carrying a considerable amount of debt, or who aspires to gain more wealth throughout their lifetime.

By doing this homam, the devotee may remove all barriers preventing them from reaching their monetary goals and realizing their full potential.  Increased wealth, business success, promotion in one’s place of work, freedom from financial responsibilities, and an improvement in cash flow are all outcomes of performing the homam ritual. 

Kubera Pashupatha Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

The opportunity to release themselves from their monetary responsibilities and continue to acquire money throughout their lifetimes.

Pooja cost: Rs.16000

  • According to the dress code, men are expected to wear dhotis and an upper cloth at all times.
  • There is an emphasis placed on women maintaining their cultural identities by wearing traditional garments like the saree.
  • Pooja The amount of time ranges from two to two hours and thirty minutes.
  • The benefits of doing the Kubera Pashupatha Homam are as follows:
  • By having his disciples recite this homam, Lord Kubera bestows upon them not only the money that they want but also the opulence that they crave in their daily lives.
  • The Homam may be used to handle any kind of monetary issue, including offering relief from significant amounts of debt or loss of income and assisting in the process of restoring financial stability.
  • The performance of the homam in the devotee’s life both encourages the growth of one’s financial resources and boosts the circulation of one’s earnings.
  • Because of the homam, Lord Kubera is appeased, and as a consequence, he removes any and all financial barriers that are keeping the devotee from living a happy life and achieving their goals.will be bestowed with the ability to live a lavish lifestyle, acquire more riches, and have fruitful success in all of their pursuits.
  • Increase the variety of revenue sources as well as the rate at which money is coming in.
  • Makes a larger accumulation of wealth possible as a result.
  • You will no longer be responsible for the debt.
  • Increases the likelihood of your financial success.
  • Establishment and growth of a business
  • Removes barriers to the accumulation of riches in order to make its passage easier.
  • Making an effort to advance one’s career

Kubera Pashupatha Homam Pooja Cost Benefits Online Booking

When it is most beneficial to do the Kubera Pashupatha Homam

  • Maha Sivaratri day
  • Karthika Masam
  • Friday’s in Sravana Masam
  • The day that the astrologer advises after studying the client’s natal chart.
  • The nine days that followed Maha Sivaratri after it had ended.
  • It is necessary to communicate with those who are loyal.
  • It is advised that this Pooja be performed on the eighth day after the beginning of the menstrual cycle.
  • to abstain from eating anything that is not vegetarian Pooja starts 21 days before the actual event and continues for another 19 days after it.
  • You are supposed to wash your head in preparation for the Pooja before it can begin.
  • It is quite necessary for you to do this Pooja when you are fasting.

Who is authorized to do this Homam on our behalf?

  • Anyone who has had a financial setback is welcome to do this Pooja on a day that is widely regarded as being fortunate. 
  • It is best to do the Pooja on Maha Sivaratri, which occurs during the Karthika Masam.
  • This is the most auspicious time to do so.
  • This Pooja will last for a combined total of two hours and will be presided over by two priests.

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