Lotus Mahal Hampi History Entry Fees Online Booking Cost

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Lotus Mahal Hampi, Opening and Closing Timings. There are no admission fees, and everyone is welcome.The locals name the Lotus Mahal Chitrangi Mahal, and it was traditionally utilised by royal ladies to view processions and festivals from there. It is a two-story structure with complex craftsmanship including crenellated arches, sharp-edged awnings, and tiered façade.

The bottom is intricately designed, while the top is made up of Shikaras stacked in three levels. The interior is simple and uncluttered, with open areas. The name “Mahal” comes from a design on the roof in the shape of a lotus blossom that is located in the building’s centre. It was long thought that the building was equipped with a complex network of pipes that carried water throughout the construction to keep the interiors cool.

Lotus Mahal Hampi History Entry Fees Online Booking Cost

The structure’s archways are shaped like the petals of a lotus flower, which gives the whole building the appearance of a lotus bud that is only partially opened. A lotus blossom is used as the inspiration for the carving of the central dome. Even the towers of the Lotus Mahal have the form of a pyramid and are designed to seem like the petals of a lotus flower.

In the area to the south of the Zenana enclosure is where you’ll find the elephant stable. There are eleven enormous stalls for the elephants to stay in. The interiors are unfinished, consisting of little more than sandy flooring and chain hooks hanging from the ceiling. In the expansive tunnels, one nearly gets the impression of a towering elephant that is swaying from side to side.

Lotus Mahal Hampi History Entry Fees Online Booking Cost History

The Lotus Mahal, also known as the Chitrangini Mahal, is a significant building that can be seen in Hampi, India. The Lotus Mahal is a two-story edifice made of rubble masonry and elegantly plastered. It is an example of the Vijayanagara style of architecture, which was popular in India at the time. The edifice served as a last resting place for members of the royal family during the Vijayanagara Kingdom.

Lotus Mahal Hampi History Entry Fees Online Booking Cost Architecture

The phrase “Palace of Lotus” directly translates to “Lotus Mahal.” This building was erected specifically for the use of the Imperial family of the Vijayanagara Empire. A walled compound surrounds the palace, which is located close to the Royal centre. The building has a symmetrical layout, and each of its four sides has an equal number of projections. The domed ceiling creates the appearance of an unfolded lotus blossom. The curves of the palace, which are influenced by Islamic design, serve two purposes: they shelter the palace from adverse weather conditions and they make the palace seem more beautiful. It consists of two levels, both of which have arched openings in several planes that are encircled by intricate plaster decorations. It is supported by a total of 24 pillars and has a total of eight pyramidal towers that are located above the structure’s corners.

Lotus Mahal Hampi Online Entry Fee

For IndiansRs 30/-
For ForeignersRs 500/-
For Children Below 15 YearsFree
For Still CameraFree
For Video CameraRs 50/-
For Local GuideRs 100/-
For ParkingAvailable

Note: In front of the Virupaksha Temple, you may hire B-TWIN Bicycles at a price of Rs 200/- per day (So One can go for a cycle round around the Mahal).

How TO Reach Hampi Lotus Mahal Karnataka?

How can one go to Hampi?
Hampi is around 350 kilometres apart from both the Bangalore International Airport and the Goa International Airport.

Traveling by Rail On a daily basis, there are trains that go from Bangalore to Hospet Junction at regular intervals.
There are many trains that run each day between Tirupati and Hospet Junction. The time spent travelling ranges anywhere from 8 hours 30 minutes to 11 hours 15 minutes.
By Road
From Bangalore, regular KSRTC bus service is available to Hospet in early hours; from Hospet, the distance to Hampi is 12 kilometres.
Bellary is located 85 kilometres away from Hampi. Between Bellary and Hampi, there is a bus that travels directly.

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