Madukeswara Swamy Temple Timings Manikeswaram History

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The golden-hued Shiva Lingam that resides inside the temple’s sanctuary is whence the Madhukeshwara complex derives its name. The construction of the temple began in the 9th century, making it one of the oldest temples in the state of Karnataka. Mayura Sharma, a member of the Kadamba family, was the one who placed the order.

This was the very beginning of Karnataka’s first royal dynasty. The Chalukya era and the Hoysala period both came after the reign of the Kadamba dynasty. Temple authorities from both time periods added to and renovated the structure during the course of its existence. Hence, in a sense, the temple demonstrates how many types of architectural styles have evolved through time in the state of Karnataka.

Madukeswara Swamy Temple Timings Manikeswaram History

Madukeswara Swamy Temple This temple, which is devoted to Lord Siva and is known as Dakshina Kasi, is located in Manikeswaram (South Kasi). As the Manikeswaram Temple, which is situated on the banks of the Gundlakamma, is comparable to Kasi, which is situated on the banks of the Ganga. This rivulet moves in a direction from east to west. It is thought that the primary god is a self-manifested entity.

One further similarity may be seen in the fact that the uncommon tree that grows on these grounds is very much like the tree that grows on the grounds of the Kasi Temple. The festival of Sivaratri will be celebrated in a spectacular manner, and thousands of worshippers will go to this sacred site.

Madukeswara Swamy Temple Timings Manikeswaram History

Folklore has it that a salt trader who was a devout follower of Lord Siva entertained the idea of stopping for the night in what was known as Boddupalli back in those days. Being a devotee of Siva, he would often spend the night halts sleeping inside the temple grounds. In light of the fact that he was unable to locate a Siva temple, he poured the salt out over the ground, then he put a mandala (known as a manika in Telugu) on top of it, and he prayed to Siva before going to sleep.

To his astonishment, the measure had miraculously morphed into a Stone in the likeness of Linga the next morning. Because of this, the locals have given the hamlet the name Manikeswaram. As a result of the inscriptions, it is known that the Chola Kings paused in this area on their voyage in the 11th century AD and erected this temple while they were there.

  • The dress Code For Darshan Is Any Attire That Is Appropriate.
  • Darshan Duration: 15 to 20 minutes during weekdays and 20 to 30 mins during weekends.
  • During the Sivaratri festival days and the Karthika Masam days, the temple would be quite packed.

The Structure Of The Madhukeshwara Temple In Its Entirety.

Visitors are greeted at the entrance to the temple by a pair of stone elephants. The Garba Mandapa, also known as the main shrine of this temple, has a fairly straightforward architectural design. It does not have a lot of intricate carvings on the pillars and walls as some other buildings have. This shrine has a Shiva Linga that is golden in hue and made of honey. The Sankalpa mandapa was an addition to the temple that was made during the time when the Chalukya dynasty was in power.

It is believed that Hoysala monarchs were responsible for the building of the Nritya mandapa. In terms of decoration, the Garba Mandapa and the Nritya Mandapa couldn’t be more different from one another. This mandapa’s ceiling, walls, and pillars are all adorned with intricately carved designs. The mirrored convex and concave sculptures that are one below the other on the pillars are characteristic of Hoysala architecture. This demonstrates the high level of skill possessed by the stone carvers of the era.

Where Can Visitors Get Directions To The Madukeswara Swami Temple In Manikeswaram?

  • Vijayawada International Airport, which is the closest major airport, is located 152 kilometres away.
  • Travelling by Rail The closest train station is Addaniki, which is located 21 kilometres away. The temple is located 24 kilometres away from the Ongole train station.
  • By road, It is possible to take a direct bus to Manikeswaram from Ongole, which is located 24 kilometres away from the temple. From Addanki bus station

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